Workshops - It's a Party-on-a-Page Landscape

It's a Party-on-a-Page Landscape

Lorri Lynch Painting     Lorri Lynch Painting

Lorri Lynch Biography

I was born with artistic curiosity and creativity in my blood.  My mother and aunt were artists and watching them create inspired me to continue the tradition.  My love of landscapes was developed during our many family four month vacations across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  I was lucky enough to see the majority of  National Parks several times.  
Growing up in San Diego, I attended Patrick Henry High School.  My passion for watercolor and plein air painting  was expanded during classes and field trips with Wendell Montague, teacher and past president of San Diego Watercolor Socirty.  After graduating high school I attended San Diego State University where I continued to embrace my passion for art.  At that time I decided to pursue a career path that would be helpful to others and allow me to express my creativity in a new medium.  I have worked as a Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Function for forty three years. The office I have been at for thirty six years specializes in cosmetic dentistry.  My artistry comes into play with fabricating natural looking temporary restorations, color selection and smile design.  My knowledge of value, hue, chroma and color is a great asset.
Working full time throughout my adult life, I have always made time for various genres of art.  I have done sculpting, pottery, woodworking, cake decorating, oil painting and stained glass.  My true love though is watercolor en plein air.  My goal is to capture a mood or the feeling of a location.  My painting style has been described as,  “A Party On A Page!”  In my paintings, I express my love for color by including fantastical lights and contrasts and then  let the paint flow! I like to include the white of the paper without white paint.   My style is loose and representational with a  goal to get the viewer involved.  Every time I paint I am experimenting with new techniques, optical illusions and just having fun painting!
I am member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and have been the Paintout Manager for about twelve years.  I have won many awards and honors including several People’s  Choice Awards.  My paintings are in private collections in the United States, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and are displayed in the San Diego Mayors Office!  

picture of Lorri Lynch

Lorri Lynch painted by Diane Kalt

Supply List:

Attendees should bring 140 Arches paper cut into  half and quarter sheets. Note /Sketchpad,  Board support, Fine spray bottle, paper towels,  square brushes at 1 inch at least, watercolor color palettes/ or tube  paints , your favorite painting tools  and a party in their heart! 

Non Members Fee: $180.00 Members Fee: $165.00