More Choices in Substrates and Framing for SDWS Shows

Are you ready to bust out of the mold?  Are you aware of your new choices for submitting art to SDWS shows? There are several exciting new options for painting surfaces, framing and art presentation.

First, some things have not changed. Artwork must still be no less than 80% water-based media.

But there are new options for surfaces! Now, acceptable surfaces can be watercolor paper, water-based media boards, water-based media canvas, watercolor aluminum panels, Yupo or other synthetic papers.

There are also some new framing choices:

• Canvases, a minimum of 1 ½” in depth, must be gallery wrapped.

• Cradle board/panels, a minimum depth of 1 ½” panels, are acceptable for a painting surface, as well as for the adhered, unframed watercolor papers that are sealed for protection.

• If canvas boards are less than 1 ½” in depth, they must be framed.

• If work is not behind Plexiglas, it must be protected by water-based, archival, conservation or acid free varnish.

.• No non glare plexiglass.

• Diptychs and triptychs must be presented within a single frame.

• All framing must be done in a professional, quality manner.  SDWS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any work that does not meet its standards. 

Matting requirements have not changed.  Simple, unembellished frames should be used. Dirty mats and scratched plexiglass will not be accepted.

For more details, go to your Members Page on and look at Policy 42.1 under Forms and Policies for detailed requirements.

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