October Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Ausland

Andrea Ausland is October’s Volunteer of the Month. She kept us alive and thriving during the pandemic. Her calm, get it done, “no problem”, attitude has made the impossible look “easy-peasy”. She upgraded the gallery sound system, the security system and our video system. Andrea worked over 60 Members’ shows, the International Shows and our Virtual shows. She also addressed multiple questions from Zooming to Power Point Presentations, did video clips, and held Directors’ and Jurors’ hands. Without her time and talents given so generously, SDWS would not have been able to offer the virtual programs which made the Pandemic year survivable. 

Andrea obviously has extensive tech knowledge. However, unlike many tech people she has the ability to explain things to non-techie artists in a way that we understand. She also has the ability to figure out ways to accomplish what is needed, while making difficult tasks look easy! Over the years, Andrea has facilitated the online voting for the Annual Meeting and Election of Directors. Without her, I don’t think we would have been able to quickly implement the virtual member shows and zoom workshops during the pandemic. She has truly been the spark plug to bring us into the 21st century. Along with countless volunteer hours, Andrea has provided SDWS with tech expertise that most organizations obtain only though hiring consultants. Andrea’s contributions have been invaluable to SDWS and make her more than eligible to be Volunteer of the Month.

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