SDWS Special Shows

SDWS regularly presents its members art at its gallery in Liberty Station during monthly themed Member Shows and in October for the International Exhibition. From time to time, SDWS provides other opportunities to showcase its members' work in special shows. These shows are special because they may invite a special audience to or the venue may be unique and located away from the SDWS Gallery. Some special shows may be repeated each year, while others may occur just once.

Any new Special Shows will be listed for entry upon sign into By their very nature, Special Shows change so check back from time to time to learn about these unique opportunities that SDWS provides its members and the San Diego Art Community to show their work.

Unlike Member Shows, most Special Show require digital images to be submited with your entry. If you need further information on how to submit a digital image to a show please check out our Digital Image Tutorial.

Special Show Entry Fees Processing

The SDWS show entry system is designed for entry into SDWS monthly Member Shows, International Shows and Western Federation Shows, all of which require an entry fee. Special Shows typically do not require entry fees. The SDWSpayment processing system, Paypal, does not process $0 payments. When entering a Special Show, upload the painting's image file and complete all of the entry information requested. Click on the "Enter" button and you will be taken to the Show Entry screen that displays your entry with a reminder that the entry is not complete until you pay the entry fee, which is $0.  No further action is needed. You have entered the special show at this point.

To verify your entry, you may select "Member Home" on the menu bar above. Locate the Show Entry screen for the show you just entered (it will be below the Members Menu items on the right). The show entry box will state, "You have entered this show, click here to edit your entry " or words to that effect