Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2017 April - "Seeds of Inspiration"

Helen Schafer Garcia, Juror

121 Accepted (including 18 alternates) from 246 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Julie Anderson Sunset Mixed Media Regular Alt
Julie Anderson In Close Pursuit Watercolor Mini
Mary Sharon Anderson After the Rain Mixed Media Regular
Craig Anderson Lawn Rollers Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Lois Athearn Fowl Play Watercolor Mini
Lois Athearn Not All Eggs in One Basket Watercolor Regular
Marty Atwell Moroc Tile Mixed Media Regular
Drew Bandish Limbs of the Mighty Oak Mixed Media Regular
Gordon Bashant Red Palms at Mission San Luis Rey Watercolor Regular
Gerald Bischoff The Refugee Watercolor Regular Alt
Lori Chase Garden Blooms Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Boarding the Train at Poway Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Macaw -2 Watercolor Mini
Barbara Gorman Crawford #Alternative Facts: Fish Don't Need Water Watercolor Regular Alt
Linda Doll Tat Man Watercolor Regular
Linda Doll Spirit Song Watercolor Mini
Linda Drake Intertwined Pears Watercolor Regular
Roberta Dyer Mid-Century Modern Mixed Media Regular
Kathleen Eichler My WWII Hero Watercolor Regular
Brent Foster Lindo Lake Watercolor Mini Alt
Thomas Franco Backroads (Plein Air) Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco Barnstable Harbor Watercolor Mini
Christina Fries-Miller Rocket Watercolor Regular
Michael Garberick Candies Tugs at Quarantine Anchorage Watercolor Regular
Jorge Garza Miura Mixed Media Regular
Jorge Garza Sailing in Venice Watercolor Mini Alt
Vi Gassman Hopscotch Acrylic Regular
Vi Gassman Fashion Mixed Media Mini
Richard Glassman Beach Triptych Acrylic Regular Second Place
Richard Glassman A Man at Sea Acrylic Mini
Kathy Harder Contemplation Watercolor Regular
Fani Hason Lonely Planet Watercolor Regular
Dottie Hayes Eye On The Shore Watercolor Regular Alt
Mike Hefner Open Door Watercolor Regular
Charles Held Let It Snow Watercolor Regular
Susan Hewitt Rest Stop Mixed Media Regular
Betty Hock Impulsive Acrylic Mini Alt
Wanda Honeycutt Escaping the Dragon 2 Watercolor Mini
Wanda Honeycutt Looking Forward Mixed Media Regular
Dave Howell Beacons Beach Leucadia Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Early Morning Walk in Balboa Park Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Balboa Park Theatre Walk Watercolor Mini
Diane Kalt Chef Philip Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Alice Kayuha Rhythms of Spring Mixed Media Regular
Susan Keith Spring Berries Watercolor Mini
Susan Keith Playing Koi Watercolor Regular Alt
Tom Kilroy Safe Harbor Watercolor Regular Alt
Ralph Kingery Backstreet Rhodes Watercolor Regular
Ralph Kingery Lighthouse Watercolor Mini Alt
Shuang Li Purple Dream Watercolor Mini
Shuang Li Corner Cafe, Paris Watercolor Regular
Lynn Lilyquist Watch Out Watercolor Regular
Harriet Lisak Hans Acrylic Regular
Dwight Little Headin' Home Watercolor Regular
Elena Lomakin Spring Nocturne #2 Mixed Media Mini
Elena Lomakin I Need Yellow! Mixed Media Regular
Lorri Lynch Eucalyptus Watercolor Mini
Lorri Lynch Carrillo Horse Ranch Watercolor Regular
Carol Mansfield Drone View Acrylic Mini
Carol Mansfield Welcome Acrylic Regular Best of Theme
Rebecca McCullough The Sierras Watercolor Regular
Rebecca McCullough Near Versailles Mixed Media Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Joan McKasson Garden Flower Bouquet Watercolor Regular
Joan McKasson Cinque Terra Flower Pots Mixed Media Mini
Chuck McPherson I Saw the Number 8 Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Vykki Mende Gray Tower Watercolor Regular Alt
Marion Mettler Julie & Roses Mixed Media Regular
James Q. Millard Park Tower Watercolor Regular
Christine Mose Two Poached Watercolor Regular
Christine Mose Koi Cluster Watercolor Mini
Linda Mullen Purple on White Watercolor Regular
Annalise Neil SSS, MMD Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Tractor Series - 277 Acrylic Mini
Annette Lotuso Paquet Looking Down Watercolor Mini
Rise Parberry Transitiions Mixed Media Mini Alt
Rise Parberry Thaw Mixed Media Regular
Janet Perkin Contemplation Mixed Media Mini
Judy Pike Christina Mixed Media Regular
Judy Pike Cassandra Mixed Media Mini
Rikki Reinholz Fantasia Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Rinier Noble Cougar Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Rinier Bursting Lily Watercolor Mini
Nancy Rizzardi Edible Blooms Mixed Media Regular
Cynthia Roach Kodak Moment Watercolor Regular Alt
Carolyn Robertson Wisteria Watercolor Regular
Diana Ruark Garden Blues Watercolor Mini Alt
Mohammad Sadiq Big Trees Watercolor Regular
Mohammad Sadiq Small Trees Watercolor Mini Alt
Mary Scarborough Family Jewels Acrylic Mini Alt
Ann Schwartzwald Who's a Good Boy? Watercolor Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Out Of The Blue Watercolor Regular
Marilyn Shayegan Innerspace, Outerspace Acrylic Regular
Jean Silva In the Garden Acrylic Mini Best of Miniatures
Jean Silva Riding High II Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Ann Slater Strength of a Lion Mixed Media Mini
Ann Slater African Zebras Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Croatia Watercolor Regular Third Place
Mark Smith Getting Sideways Watercolor Mini
Bill Snowman Searching for Fairies Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Vita Sorrentino Love That Red II Acrylic Regular
Vita Sorrentino Field Flowers 2 Watercolor Mini
Robin St. Louis LOL Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 253, AMAZON.COM Mixed Media Regular First Place
Ski Torzeski The Fallen Giant Watercolor Regular
Tony Trowbridge These Lights Watercolor Mini Alt
Tony Trowbridge Early Dawn Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Dancing in a Vortex of Love Watercolor Regular
Lydia Velarde Almost Home Watercolor Mini
Lydia Velarde Halfway There Watercolor Regular
Karen Vincent Painting by the Blues Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Margot Wallace Flower Fields Watercolor Regular
Astrid Edel Walter Fiery Dreams Mixed Media Regular
Cristine Weatherby Bull Taco Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter Cosmos Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard Morning Scratch Watercolor Regular
Angela Westengard A Swan Song Mixed Media Mini Alt
Mary Williams The Music Man Mixed Media Regular
Bonnie Woods Lady In Red Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Jami Wright Toscana Trails Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Bazaar Del Mundo II Watercolor Regular
Ayue Zhang Nap Watercolor Regular