Current Needs:

SDWS is always in need of good people who want to make a difference. Sometimes we have specific needs for volunteers that develop as demand increases for a given service or due to other circumstances. When such needs occur they will be posted here. Please click on any of the underlined roles for more information.

Other current needs are as follows:

Staffing - Gallery Reception Desk - OUR STAFFERS ARE THE BEST, BUT MORE ARE NEEDED!!! We are finding our pool of staffers is shrinking, which has resulted in our gallery being closed some days during our normal hours of operation.  If you enter the shows, please consider "paying it forward" by becoming a staffer for our front desk.  Shifts are only 3 hours (10 - 1 and 1 - 4), and even one shift a month would be greatly appreciated.  Click here if you would be willing to take the orientation to become a staffer at our front desk.

Education/Outreach - Lead Teachers and Aides

Financial Development - Grant Writers and Fund Raisers

Hospitality - First Fridays and General Meetings

Member Shows - Member Shows Volunteers