Board of Directors

Gay Westin


Gay Weston

Past President / Advisor*

Susan Hewitt

1st VP / Programs*

Terri Nelson


Stephanie Van de Wetering

2nd VP / International Exhibition*

Edward Kane

Treasurer & Membership Director*

Nell Bartlett

Advisor and Parlimentarian*

Mary Wood 

Education / Outreach

Education / Outreach Director*

Sandie Linn

Outreach Coordinator

Joan Captain



Volunteer Director*

Jessie Davenport

A Howard

Facilities Director*

Alison Howard

Ralph Kingery

Gallery Event Coordinator 

Library Manager

Marsha Alexander

Asst. Library Manager

Pat Kileen


Hospitality Manager

Rececca McCullough


Hospitality Co-Manager



Sales & Staffing

Gallery Sales & Staffing Director*

Mary Sharon Anderson

Gallery Sales & Staffing Manager

Glory Griffin

Marketing Director*

Ane Agostini

Newsletter Editor

Susi Graff

Communications Manager



Workshops Director*

Cris Weatherby

Weekend Workshops Manager

Nancy Phillips 

Asst. Workshop Director

Marilyn Miles

Kim Lazaro

Beginner Workshops Manager

Kim Larazo 


Workshops Registrar

Sharon Sheehan

Member Shows

Member Shows Director*

Susan Hewitt

Asst. Member Shows Director

Christa Thurber


Western Federation
Western Federation Director*

Ralph Kingery

Asst. Western Federation Director

Stephanie Van de Wetering
Andrea Ausland

Technology Director*

Andrea Ausland


Carolyn Rosado
Paintouts / Paint-Ins
Wednesday Paintouts Manager

Gabriel Stockton 

Saturday Morning Paintouts Manager

Lori Lynch



Paint-Ins Manager

Sharon Sheehan





Finanial Development

Development Director*

Bev Tuzin





When does the Board meet and can any member attend?

The Board meets on the last Wednesday of the month at the Gallery from 10:00 a.m. until noon. This may change if it conflicts with a holiday so check the SDWS Calendar to confirm dates near holidays. All members are welcome to attend. If you want to address the Board, please send a request to the Board President at least one week prior to the meeting.

Interested in serving?

If you are interested in serving on the SDWS Board of Directors, you can learn more about each position by clicking here.