Board of Directors and Team Volunteers
2023-24 Membership Year

(* Directors reporting to the President; ** Program managers reporting to the VP)

Board meetings are open to all members

  • The Board meets on the last Tuesday of the month from 10 AM - 12 PM Pacific Time
  • Check the SDWS calendar to confirm specific dates, especially near holidays
  • If you want to address the Board, please send a request to the Board President at least one week prior to the meeting
If you are interested in serving on the SDWS Board of Directors, please email the Volunteer Director
There are two committees supporting the board
  • Executive Committee: President (chair), Vice President, Past President, Treasurer
  • Finance Committee: Treasurer (chair), Vice President, Past President, Development Director, Advisor
    • Non-Voting Members: President, Member at Large, Financial Development Consultant
Please refer to our SDWS Org chart for a summary of all roles for 2023-2024


Drew Bandish

Scott Trimlett Past President / Strategic Planning Manager*

Scott Trimlett

Vice President / Programs*

Karen Weir


Treasurer / Finance Committee Manager*

Nell Bartlett

  Advisor / Membership*

Mary Wood

 Vickie Kleen Comptroller*

Vickie Kleen

Membership Manager               

Gloria Chadwick


Toby Scriba


Education / Outreach


Education/Outreach Director*        

Carol Van Vooren




Financial Development

Development Director*

Bev Tuzin        

Patricia Wahlen photo

Financial Development Consultant            

Pat Wahlen 

Grant Writing Team

Mary Ann Rogers

Grant Writing Team

Mary Sue Compton

Update in progress

Grant Writing Team

Carolyn Curtice

Update in progress

Member at Large

Jean Silva


Facilities Director*

Kevin Liddell 

Library Manager                                       

Marsha Alexander

Terri Nelson

Library Manager

Terri Nelson



International Exhibition
Update in progerss

International Exhibition Director* 

Roberto Morfin

Update in Progress 

2023 International Exhibition Assistant              



Marketing Director*

Michele Joyce

Communications Manager                                     

Susi Graff

Member Shows, Publicity

Coordinator & Blog Manager        

Carla Scheidlinger

Beth Percell photo

Social Media Consultant

Beth Purcell

 Susan Wormsley Ad & Media Promotions

Susan Wormsley

 Chuck McPherson

Creative Consultant 

Chuck McPherson

Rebecca McCullough

Volunteer Director*                  

Rebecca McCullough

Staffing Assistance                                          

Fan Li                             

Member Shows
Christa Thurber

Member Shows Director*

Christa Thurber            

Asst. Member Shows Director                            

Linda Beinhoff

 Susan Wormsley Shipping & Handling Coordinator

Susan Wormsley

 Update in progress

Shipping & Handling Coordinator

Steve Love

Update in progress

Hanging Team

Gloria Henderson

Update in progress

People's Choice

Mary Hartley


Plein Air Shows

Plein Air Show Director*               

Jenny Rivera       

Sarah Hughes photo

Plein Air Show Manager                                       

Sarah Sullivan


Tina Fries-Miller

Technology Director*

Tina Fries-Miller               

WebstArt Program Manager

Dave Miller                                    

 Susan Wormsley

Tech Quality Assurance (QA)

Susan Wormsley

Specialty Show Support

Carolyn Rosado     


Website Content Editor

Joe Gass


Technology Volunteer

Maureen Anastacio


Workshops Director*            

Stephanie Van de Wetering      

Vickie Kleen

Workshops Registrar                                                   

Vickie Kleen

Workshops Manager

Kathleen Scoggin

Catie Somers

Workshops Manager

Catie Somers

Terri Nelson

Beginner Workshops Manager           

Terri Nelson



Collections - Permanent & History

Ed Abrams

Permanent Collection Manager**

Ed Abrams

Update in progress

Permanent Collection Manager**                    

Jodell Abrams                               

 Gay Weston photo


Gay Weston 


Thursday Paint-outs Manager**

Gabriel Stockton

Update in progress

Thursday Paint-outs Manager**                            

Heather Crellin 

Second Saturday Paint-outs Manager**

Lorri Lynch 

 Update in progress   

Life Drawing on Wednesdays Manager**

Jean Silva


Western Federation

Western Federation Coordinator**   

Gordon Bashant

Blank Place holder graphic