Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

The San Diego Watercolor Society features a new exhibition each month. Visitors to our gallery can enjoy the latest artwork and vote for their favorite. SDWS Members have the opportunity to enter their artwork.

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2022 Plein Air Exhibition

Show Dates: Nov 25, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
Juror: Frank Eber
Online Entry Begins: Jul 1, 2022
Online Entry Ends: Aug 31, 2022
Jury Date: Sep 11, 2022
California juror Frank Eber works in both watercolor and oils. His work is an emotional response to Nature and Beauty and conveys mystery and atmosphere. Frank is a Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society. He is also an Artist Member of the California Art Club. Please note that the accepted artists who ship their artwork must pay a $20 handling fee and must include prepaid return postage.  Instructions for the payment of the handling fee will be provided to the artists who have been juried into the exhibition.

2022 Nov MyPoint Credit Union

Show Dates: Nov 3, 2022 - Jan 7, 2023
Juror: Sandie Seckington
Online Entry Begins: Oct 3, 2022
Online Entry Ends: Oct 10, 2022
Jury Date: Oct 20, 2022
Award-winning watercolorist Sandra (Sandie) Seckington is a second-generation native San Diegan who grew up in a family that highly valued the arts.  With painters and musicians on both sides of the family, her love of art in all its forms was a given. Sandie graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. degree in English and minors in Sociology and Art.  Interspersed between a career as a social worker and then a stay-at-home mom to two active children and following work in the health care field, Sandie painted and drew whenever she had the opportunity.  During this time she was fortunate enough to study with the late watercolorist Robert Landry.    Following her retirement, Sandie enrolled in Continuing Adult Education watercolor classes and continues to participate in many of the excellent water media classes and workshops instructed by nationally / internationally acclaimed artists offered by the San Diego Watercolor Society.  Diligent study and “studio time” have brought increasing recognition of her work and numerous awards.  She is a member of the SDWS, Foothills Art Association and the East County Art Association. 

2022 December “Do You Hear What I Hear…” Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Nov 27, 2022 - Dec 31, 2022
Juror: Tiffanie Mang
Online Entry Begins: Nov 13, 2022
Online Entry Ends: Nov 26, 2022
Jury Date: Nov 28, 2022
First Friday Dec 2, 5-8 pm

2023 MyPoint Credit Union January/February Show

Show Dates: Jan 7, 2023 - Mar 4, 2023
Juror: Carol Mansfield
Online Entry Begins: Dec 3, 2022
Online Entry Ends: Dec 12, 2022
Jury Date: Dec 15, 2022

2023 January "Serendipity" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Jan 4, 2023 - Jan 28, 2023
Juror: Wanda Honeycutt
Online Entry Begins: Dec 21, 2022
Online Entry Ends: Dec 31, 2022
Jury Date: Jan 2, 2023
First Friday Jan 6, 5-8 pm

2023 February "Rendezvous with Paint" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Jan 29, 2023 - Feb 25, 2023
Juror: Nancy Oleska
Online Entry Begins: Jan 18, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Jan 28, 2023
Jury Date: Jan 30, 2023
First Friday Feb 3, 5-8 pm

2023 March "Decisive Moments" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Feb 26, 2023 - Apr 1, 2023
Juror: Richard Glassman
Online Entry Begins: Feb 15, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Feb 25, 2023
Jury Date: Feb 27, 2023
First Friday March 3, 5-8 pm

2023 April "Blooming Thoughts" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Apr 2, 2023 - Apr 29, 2023
Juror: Robin St. Louis
Online Entry Begins: Mar 22, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Apr 1, 2023
Jury Date: Apr 3, 2023
First Friday April 7, 5-8 pm

2023 May "Climate of Change" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Apr 30, 2023 - May 27, 2023
Juror: Carolyn Dubuque
Online Entry Begins: Apr 19, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Apr 29, 2023
Jury Date: May 1, 2023
First Friday May 5, 5-8 pm

2023 June "Color Scheming" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: May 28, 2023 - Jul 1, 2023
Juror: Stephanie Goldman
Online Entry Begins: May 17, 2023
Online Entry Ends: May 27, 2023
Jury Date: May 29, 2023
First Friday June 6, 5-8 pm

2023 July "Where the Fun Is" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Jul 2, 2023 - Jul 29, 2023
Juror: Roberta Dyer
Online Entry Begins: Jun 21, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Jul 1, 2023
Jury Date: Jul 3, 2023
First Friday July 7, 5-8 pm

2023 August "Under the Moon" Member Exhibition (Gallery)

Show Dates: Jul 30, 2023 - Sep 17, 2023
Juror: Angela Chang
Online Entry Begins: Jul 19, 2023
Online Entry Ends: Jul 29, 2023
Jury Date: Jul 31, 2023
First Friday August 4, 5-8 pm