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Patricia Abraham
Teri Adams
Christine Alfery
Jim Alford
Deena Altman
Craig Anderson Bright transparent watercolor paintings with saturated color and increased value patterns.
Daven Anderson
Julie Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
Chris Appleton An overview of work: paintings in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, drawings, illustration, digital art.
Ruth Armitage
Denise Athanas shows something about me, the artist, exhibits and awards and several images of my current work
Lois Athearn
Andrea Ausland Korean-American artist specializing in mixed media, watercolor, photography, and graphic design projects from her studio in San Diego, California.
Drew Bandish ArtworksEmail Newsletter of local art eventsLinks to Drew Bandish Art Classes
Linda Banks
Sean Barrett
Nell Bartlett Watercolors painted with passion and a love of color, Nell's paintings are fresh and vibrant, showing a versatility in her subjects.
Gordon Bashant San Diego, Mexico and Adirondack pictures in bright cheerful colors that portray more the feeling of the place rather than the sight.
Lisa Bebi
Marnie Becker
Beverly Berwick
Barbara Betts
Judi Betts Bio, art statement, workshop schedule, supply list, artwork – paintings and sketchbooks, prints and products for sale by international artist, instructor, exhibition judge Judi Betts AWS.
Susan Binford Please visit: and
Sid Bingham
Audrey Blevins
Sylvia Boulware Original watercolor paintings and giclee prints available for sale. Includes uniquely personal plein-air paintings infused with vibrant warmth and color. Bio & contact information on website.
Marilyn Bourbon Marilyn's work weaves pattern and design into a descriptive mood, which explores how human beings construct their world.
Sandra Bray Transparent watercolor infused with color depicting still life, people, flowers and animals with a tropical dominated theme.
Francesca Brayton
Lynette Bredow My site features Watercolor, Acrylics, and Oils. Hope you will enjoy what you see.
Mary Brown
Allan Butt
Carol Carpenter
Sandra Carrigan
Denise Cerro
Angela Chang
Keming Chen Welcome to view my transparent watercolor paintings in people, animals, cityscapes, landscapes, and flowers.
Joan Chlarson
Janice Cipriani-Willis
Patti Claassen
Valerie P. Cohen
Char Cee Colosia Exciting, spontaneous work in an outdoor setting. Colorful, bold, yet delicate. Also teacher of oils, watermedia, collage, and just about anything that makes a mark.
Mary Sue Compton
Kathleen Conover I invite you to visit my on-line Gallery that features my paintings, Kathleen Conover, in Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, mixed Watermedia and Drawing. Four  mini-galleries include award winning originals and reproductions in flora and fauna, contemporary designs, industrial inspirations and Plein Air landscapes. Three workshops offerings are described plus my upcoming calendar of class locations.
Teri Corle
Carol Cottone-Kolthoff Carol is professional artist, illustrator and a highly regarded art teacher. View her site to see her beautifully realist watercolors and oils.
Carolyn Curtice
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Abstract mixed watermedia paintings.
Jessie Davenport
Carolina Dealy
John Detrick
Patricia Dispenziere Figurative,landscape and floral transparent watercolors and monotypes done in the studio or on location.
Linda A. Doll Painter, Printmaker, Photographer & Graphic Artist
Linda Drake
Barbara Drews
Carolyn Dubuque My paintings represent my traditional interest in placing animals into interesting environments and my new focus on abstraction.
Kathleen Durdin
Roberta Dyer presents a gallery of current work by roberta dyer
Teresa Eckerman-Pfeil
Cathy Ehrler My work consists of large, representational still life's with a different point of view.
Robin Erickson
Tom Fagan
Mary Faustine
Sharon Feingold
Susan Flowers
Thomas Franco
Christina Fries-Miller
Barbara Fudurich
Helen garcia Fine Art, Illustration, Mixed Media Works depicting contemporary botanicals, architecture and narrative still lifes.
Antoaneta Georgieva
Charlene Gerrish
Carole Gillin
Richard Glassman
Sonja Glassman
Bonnie Gleason
Sue Gold Plein air landscapes and studio paintings inspired by people and scenes in Southern California and trips abroad.
Ken Goldman
Nancy Goldman
Stephanie Goldman
Sheila Greer
Martha Grim
Vernon Groff
Diane Halasz
Bob Hannah
Richard Hanson
Alexandra Happersett
Kathy Harder
Lynne N. Hardwick
Carol Harris Welcome to my website!  I love to paint people, florals, animals, and other things.  Read my bio, see my gallery pages, and contact me.  
Elaine Harvey
Fani Hason
Rachel Hasson Watermedia, including prtraits and figures in watercolors and abstracts in acrylics and mixed media
Richard Hawk Paintings in pursuit of the extraordinary art experience.
Helen Hayes
Melva Head
Daniela Hess
Susan Hewitt
Catherine Hillis
Sharon Hinckley Lively, light-filled Plein Aire Watercolor paintings and exciting Play in Air Abstract Acrylics.
Royce Hinson
Ruth Ellen Hoag Information on artist, her work, studio, classes, calendar and contact information.
Betty Hock Gallery of contemporary landscape, cityscape and abstract paintings in acrylic, encaustic wax and mixed media.
Wanda Honeycutt
Fred Hope
Sue Hopkins A mix of traditional watercolor and watercolor monotypes of people, objects and nature closely observed, Sue's paintings are noted for subtle textures, light, reflection and shadow.
Alison Howard
Marie Huggin
Susan Mae Hull ...featuring the unique combination of Calligraphy, the classical art of beautiful handwriting, with the energy & elegance of watercolor. get directions to the Kensington studio where "Art lives in San Diego", showing work by local artists. Beginning Instruction.
Sandra Humphries
Charlotte Huntley
Kim Johnson
Sue Johnston
Luis Juarez
Edward Kane Current and recent paintings and drawings
Alice Kayuha
Anne Keefer Anne Keefer Art Gallery
Mary Keefer Artist Statement, Art Resume, Paintings, Affiliations, FAQ and contact information.
Susan Keith
Kirby Kendrick
Ralph Kingery Site that displays Kingery's paintings categorized in different "galleries."  The site allows for purchase of original art directly from the artist, as well as a variety of color prints of the art on various media.
Kathy Kitz
Shirley Kleppe
Mike Klingbeil
Karen Knutson Bright, colorful, semi-abstract mixed media paintings. Subjects include people, flowers, landscapes, and abstract. Karen teaches workshops across the United States.
Kornelia Kopec
Su Yong Kown Website includes a gallery of abstract watercolor paintings and Su Yong's bio.
Prerana Kulkarni
Stan Kurth
Robbie Laird
Katarzyna Lappin
Diane Lary
Susan Leary
Jan Ledbetter Please list as...... Jan Ledbetter NWS Jan's mixed-media figurative paintings are pictorial tapestries layering observations and imagination, design elements, abstract motifs, and personal symbols. Information about her international workshops is listed.
Gloria Lee
Charlotte Lerner
Shuang Li This website displays artworks created by watercolor artist Shuang Li. You can also find information about Shuang Li, her watercolor workshops, or more info about Shuang's watercolor paintings.
Sandie Linn
Kerk Hwang Lok
Rolf Lygren Watercolors from the Central Coast of California
Carol Mansfield Abstract and Thought-Provoking Acrylic Paintings
Marilyn Marlow
Marcella Martin Marcella offers her own original watercolor paintings and prints for sale. Her style is a colorful realism of animals, people, flowers and landscapes plus a particularly humorous cat called Lulu.
Irma C. Martinez
Cynthia Maxion
Trish Mayberry
Mike Mazer
Mary Jo McCall
James McCann A collection of my crumbdroppings (music, art, poems, photos and recipes, etc.) for the universe to follow or ignore. 
Valli McDougle Painting in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, subjects range from abstract to landscapes and figurative work. Rich in color and texture. Visit website for bio and current paintings.
Robert McIntyre
Joan McKasson Visit a gallery of vibrant floral, landscape and abstract watercolor and watermedia paintings by award-winning artist, Joan McKasson. View upcoming events and workshop schedule for this enthusiastic, inspirational instructor.
Chuck McPherson Triple Signature Member, NWS/WFWS/SDWS. With hundreds of awards (almost 50 at SDWS), Chuck is a full-time watercolorist and teacher. His live demonstrations are riveting to watch as paint flys from his infamous 6" brush! Regularly juried in at SDWS, regional galleries and museum exhibitions, he is available for demonstrations, workshops and show jurying.
Carol McSweeney Intimately observed figures and other subjects, painted in watercolor!
Vykki Mende Gray Vykki paints primarily in a semi-realistic form using a technique featuring stylized exaggerated detail, and her watercolors tend to strong colors. She specializes in smaller, affordable paintings which fit well in modest homes.
Marion Mettler Figurative and nonobjective images.
Ruth Miller
Cheri Mills Working on paper,yupo support and canvas, Cheri creates richly colored and textured abstracts using watercolor, acrylic and collage.
Dean Mitchell
Susan Monte
Diane Moore
D. Ann Morris
Darlene Morris Working in many types of media, Darlene H. Morris begins her mixed media paintings with a non-objective under painting and then develops the image into a colorful landscape.
Jessica Mortensen
Pat Moseuk
Linda Mullen
Lee Murphy
Sayeko Nakamura
Joyce Nash Loves to paint landscapes in acrylic
Annalise Neil
Frances "Sue" Nelson
Carolyn Nespolo
Joanne Newman
R Mike Nichols
Elaine Nunnally
Deirdre O'Byrne O'Byrne FIne Art specializing in Custom People and Pet portraits Also local San Diego plein air landscape and seascapes are available for sale.
Susan OBrien
Nancy Oleksa Watercolor artist and instructor. Shows current work and class information.
Lorraine Page
Gay Paratore
Rise Parberry Rise's Original Paintings in Transparent Watercolor, Acrylic, and Collage.  Bio Information including Awards and Teaching Experience.  Available Workshop and Demonstration Topics and Schedule.  Unique Blog Postings featuring Paintings, Rise's Photographs, and Creative Motivation.   
Barbara Parish Artist/Teacher/Author I enjoy painting the landscape. It's exciting to SEE the sun filtering through the trees and shadows dancing across the ground, warm and cool color temperature that catchs my attention, and the challenge to paint my next visual story. I teach watercolor techniques and the courage to paint. 2019 weekly Thursday class starts January 3rd. I authored two books on watercolor techniques.                                  Watercolor Meet The Brushes        Watercolor Value to Color Parallel.          Third book to publish January 2019, Watercolor Artistic Perspective
Sunny Patton
David Penman A collection of landscapes and seacapes from places near and far.
Mary Pennell
Janet Perkin Watercolor acrylic collage and. Mixed media
Gail Perry
Kathryn Peterson Showing Kathryn Peterson's gallery of art, current exhibits and resume.
Judy Pike Figurative work and collages using a variety of watermedia including,ink, gouache, prismacolor (colored pencil) and carand'ache (watercolor crayons). Also available, grahpite and mixed media drawings.
George Politis
Julie Pollard contains 3 galleries of paintings, class and workshop schedule, bio and two paintings (one watercolor, one oil) step by step
Dana Radzinskaya
Colleen Reynolds Colleen Reynolds Fine Artist and Art Instructor
Jane Riles Bright colors and impulsive brushwork show energy and a passion for life and creativity in France, San Diego and other places throughout the world.  
Bonnie Rinier
Nancy Rizzardi
Cynthia Roach
Carol Roberts A variety of watercolor paintings including underseas, florals, animals, scenery
Gail Rogers displays examples of her watermedia work on canvas and paper
Sherry Roper Original watercolors and oil, prints, and greeting cards.
Barbara Roth I am a watercolor painter/art teacher who believes anyone can learn to paint and draw if they want to and are willing to practice a bit. I teach travel painting/journaling in France, Italy, England and San Diego as well as lots of drawing and pen and ink+watercolor classes to beginners thru advanced students.
Charles Henry Rouse Current work with a generalized description of background and experience
June Rubin
Meredith Rupe Meredith Adrews Rupe Fine Art
Ana Laura Salazar
John Salchak
John Salminen
John Sankis
David Savellano  Works, Events, Demos, US and overseas (Italy and Spain) workshops, Sketching Tips from Award winning plein air watercolor painter
Thomas Schaller
Shinja Scheidnes Her art works are delicate and beautiful in oriental brush work and bold and colorful in watercolor works.
Lynn Schiff
Judy Schroeder
Hannah Scimeca My name is Hannah Scimeca. My husband Rich and I created our website,, to post both of our art work. He is an amateur photographer while my passion is in magical watercolor! We feel so blessed being retired and able to spend our time working on our projects. 
Kathleen Scoggin
Marilyn Ann Shayegan
Phee Sherline
Beatrice Shushan
Joann Siegfried
Judith Skeen
Lynn Slade
Susanne Slater Susanne paints vibrant transparent watercolors of urban scenes around San Diego as well as scenes from her travels to Paris and Italy. She was named a "Featured Artist" in the 2012 Mission Federal Art Walk and has received numerous awards for her paintings.
Lera Baker Smith
Mark Smith Colorful distorted watercolor and oil paintings. Giclees also available.
Vita Sorrentino Website has paintings, biography, and artist statement and exhibits and awards.
Liana Spear
Robin St.Louis Paintings by Robin St. Louis and information about the artist.
Nancy M. Stark watermedia paintings on paper or board and collage with found objects
Teri Starkweather
Carol Staub artist web site
Gabriel Stockton
Suzanne Stofer
Jennifer Stone
Susan Stuller
Carolyn Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
Deborah Swan-McDonald
Cherry Sweig This e-portfolio displays 25 years of my art from Plein air European and local California themes...with other series such as Greek Horses and studio works.
Brenda Swenson Brenda Swenson is the artist author of two books, Keeping a Watercolor Sketchbook (Award of Excellence Finalist) and Steps to Success in Watercolor. Her paintings and sketches have been featured in Splash 11, 12 & 14, Artistic Touch 4, Watercolor Artist, Watercolor Magazine, Watercolor Highlights, Quarterly Magazine, Wheels of Time and numerous other publications. Brenda has been awarded signature membership in WW, SDWS and NWWS. An active participant in the arts community she has served on the board of directors for the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. She is in demand to demonstrate and teach her painting and sketching techniques to groups nationwide and abroad. Blog:
Barbara Tapp
Sharon Thomas A broad range of subject matter. Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraiture, Wildlife and Still-life. Visit the online art gallery.
Derry Thompson
Theodora Tilton Tilton Studio Fine Art and Design
Lyudmila Tomova
Ski Torzeski Torzeski_Design   instagram
Elaine Trei My watercolors are happy & the colors are vibrant; I paint mostly flowers, and plant life while still on the plant or tree. I love mixing the colors on the paper and that energy shows in the works I produce.
Cindy Triplett Watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings of contemporary abstractions, representational landscapes and plein air work including still life.
Sabina Turner
Minnie Valero Born in Argentina, Minnie now lives and paints in San Diego, California, and the South of France. She creates intuitive compositions in several mediums: transparent watercolor, dry pastels, and oils.
Virginia Vovchuk
Myrna Wacknov This is my blog where I post my currant art activity including workshops and painting ideas and techniques.
Lenox Wallace
Margot Wallace Loving San Diego's bright colors, my plein aire paintings reflect the atmospheric conditions.  My website also shows still life, florals, and portraits. Available for demos, art instruction, and classroom teaching.
Astrid Edel Walter Shows some of my paintings in Watercolor, Acrylic and Mixed Media.
Cathryn Ward Abstract and realistic paintings done in watercolor and acrylic.  Also have catagories in animal and landscape paintings.
Gloria Warren
Cristine Weatherby Watercolor and Oil paintings by Cris Weatherby. Private and semi-private lessons in my home studio in Encinitas.
Rochelle Weidner
Peggy Weiner I create both traditional watercolors and experimental mixed media pieces. I also have a "Sacred Art" series (see my website), using Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist symbols.
Karen Weir A descriptive website of current work
Elizabeth Weiss
Margy West Margy West's watercolors paintings are about light and color. Her favorite subjects are people, boats, flowers landscapes.
Angela Westengard
Denise Willing Booher
Cam Wilson
Leslie Wilson
Bonnie Woods Figurative, primarily women, plus illustrations in watermedia and other medium.
Richard Woods
Jami Wright Enjoy visually exciting transparent watercolor landscapes of the San Diego area, the greater West Coast and whatever exciting places life takes the artist. With her teaching background, lessons are available at the artist's home studio. Site includes biography, blog, and works for sale.
Janet Wright Samples of work,calendar of upcoming events, vita, demonstrations/workshops
Camille Young
Gene Youngmann
Ayue Zhang
Ellen Zimet