A portrait of the late Eunice Porte, a
vid watercolorist and
SDWS volunteer, hangs in the library

Eunice's family and friends helped make
the library possible through generous donations.

The Eunice Porte
Watermedia Library

The Library at SDWS is an essential resource that assists members in carrying out SDWS’s mission. The primary emphasis of the Library is enjoyment and education of the arts. We have over 1500 print and video format items available for check out!

The Library has materials on the following subjects:

  • Art history

  • Individual artists 

  • Watercolor, acrylic, drawing, calligraphy, pastel, colored pencil with an emphasis on watermedia techniques 

  • Art – psychology 

  • Collections, museums and galleries 

  • Color theories 

  • Miscellaneous subjects related to art

How do I check out books and videos from the library?
Take the book or video to the front desk and have it signed out by the Gallery staffer. 

Loan Privileges:
Borrowing privileges are extended to all SDWS members.  Any lost or seriously damaged materials will be the responsibility of the borrower.

Periods of circulation:  
Books may be borrowed for 3 weeks with a limit of 4 books. Videos/DVD/audiotapes may be borrowed for 3 weeks with a limit of 2 videos.

SDWS welcomes gifts of books, videos and monetary donations.
A receipt for donated property will be provided by SDWS librarians.  It is not possible to provide appraisals for tax purposes.

SDWS LibraryBooks line the shelves, and the space includes
table and chairs for research.


SDWS members are now able to search the library via our website! First, log in and then go to the "Member Home" tab under Membership.  Click on "Search the SDWS Library" on the right side of the page.  Try searching for water in the "medium" field!