Workshops - Figurative Design - Character Development

Figurative Design - Character Development

McGuire Painting   McGuire Painting

Projects will build on each other as the week progresses; exploring eyes and faces in an unconventional way; focusing on a single figure with an obscure background; and intertwining a group of people with their background elements. Students receive plenty of personalized attention and critiquing to enhance your journey as an artist.  

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Biography:  Jeannie McGuire

Exhibiting Internationally, Jeannie’s work has been recognized in invitational exhibitions in the USA, China, France and Italy including a feature exhibition in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Eugene, Oregon.  She has received many prestigious awards including the American Watercolor Society’s 144thGold Medal of Honor for her painting, “Kenneth”.  Jeannie juries art exhibitions and gives figurative design workshops to artists, always encouraging a purpose for creating art. Her original work and commissions are in both private and public collections and are represented in numerous art magazines. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society and other select small groups.  

Jeannie’s strong figurative works in the watercolor medium invoke individual interpretation, communicating human character and situations. Her work is impressionistic in nature with an identifiable subject versus a traditional portrait.  Inspirations for her paintings come from her own photography, acquired snap shots, client and family photos and life drawings.                  

  Artist Statement

 RISK, UNPREDICTABLE GROWTH:  “To keep my art fresh I encourage and challenge myself with a question. Is it predictable or unpredictable?  An otherwise spontaneous and uninhibited painting can come to a halt of indecision many times.  To embrace this indecision, this unknown, with an unpredictable approach is risky and difficult yet exciting and creative and more times than not, well worth it.”   

Image of Jeannie McGuire

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