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      McCormack Painting

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Geoffrey McCormack Statement/Bio

Geoff’s influences are Trompe l'oeil, Constructivism and later, Photo Realism. Although he doesn’t adhere to all the cannons of either school, he seems at home with their ideals. Geoff’s paintings hover somewhere between illusion and realism. 

   He works in series, exploring an idea fully. A series can be about common objects placed in fresh relationships that beg a new response. Geoff uses line, form, mass, value and color to create both an ephemeral space and material presence. He starts with a visual idea, then establishes parameters for subject, medium and material; they can be broad and allow crossover from other series or tight and restrictive.The result is a cohesive body of work that tells of a considered, informed and ardent creative process.This series is all about the shadow’s power to describe palpable space and a composition that invites contemplation.

     BIO: Geoff is a native Californian, born and raised in Berkeley CA. Moving to Santa Cruz CA in 1963 to attend Cabrillo College then transferred to San Jose State University where he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters Degree in Art/Sculpture. After graduating he began a 12 year period teaching Visual Arts at Cabrillo. Concurrent with teaching, he developed a freelance illustration studio directed at  nearby Silicon Valley and beyond. 

   After 35 years of success with illustration, Geoff moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2002 and dedicated himself full time to Aqueous media     

   Geoff’s paintings have received recognition and awards both at home and abroad. He has been invited to exhibit in China, Belgium, Italy and Greece and widely in the U.S.. He is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society and California Watercolor Association (Master). In 2014 he earned the hardest goal of a five year plan, signature membership in the American Watercolor Society plus the AWS’s  Walser S. Greathouse Medal. In 2017 he won Silver (2nd) at SDWS’s International Exhibit, the Loa Spring Award for Non-Objective Painting at NWS’s International Exhibit and then Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow #9”” won Gold (1st) at CWA’s National Exhibition January 2018.

2018 Other Selected Exhibitions:

  Watercolor West International Exhibit  / Tom Fong Award & Signature

  San Diego Watercolor Society International Exhibit / Legion Paper Award & Signature

  National Watercolor Society International Exhibit / Winsor & Newton Award

  International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibition for Geoff's complete portfolio


Non Members Fee: $540.00 Members Fee: $500.00

This workshop takes place on:

Monday, April 8th, 2019 - Thursday, April 11th, 2019
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