Workshops - Creating Paintings With Impact - Acrylic/Collage

Creating Paintings With Impact - Acrylic/Collage

          Liz Walker       Liz Walker         Liz Walker

What makes us stop in our tracks and examine a painting? Color, value, composition, and even subject matter are important, but more than that, a successful painting tells a story that makes us want to linger awhile longer—and keep looking.

Using minimal reference material, we artists can access images from our own memory and imagination thereby responding to what’s happening in the painting rather than laboriously copying from a reference photo. It’s a liberating way to work, and the results are magical and often unpredictable.

Liz Walker has been creating paintings in this manner, using acrylics, collage papers, stencils, and hand-marbled papers for over a decade, after spending several decades as a transparent watercolor painter. She is a sought-after instructor who paints every day and has developed innovative ways of transforming old paintings into brand-new works of art that have appeared in many national exhibitions.

Liz will demonstrate how to construct a strong, connected composition, how to mix paint with patterned collage papers and take chances which make your art memorable and personal. It's all about composition, color, value, line and shape. Color has strong emotional impact, but is much more effective if played off neutrals. We will discuss how to choose and mix colors, with lots of short demos and some relaxed critiques led by this award-winning instructor. Students can expect examples, suggestions, and plenty of feedback in this one-of-a-kind workshop. Participants should have basic acrylic painting skills and a desire to jump in with both feet and learn new techniques.

Subject matter is the choice of each artist so participants are free to paint figure, landscape, still life, abstract or non-objective work. Liz’s own work ranges from recognizable figures in a geometric space, to landscapes and birds—often using the same collage elements. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will benefit from this hands-on workshop, gaining a new perspective on how to build and design a better painting.

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Artist Bio

Liz Walker


Liz Walker, who creates award-winning acrylic/collage paintings in her studio in the Portland Oregon area, has been teaching acrylic/mixed media workshops for nearly a decade.  She received her BA in Art from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.

Her work has been exhibited widely in regional and national shows, and her Signature memberships include: NWS, NWWS, ISEA, and WFWS. Liz’s work has been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Artist’s Magazine, and the North Light publications AcrylicWorks4 and AcrylicWorks6.




Non Members Fee: $475.00 Members Fee: $450.00

This workshop takes place on:

Monday, November 8th, 2021 - Thursday, November 11th, 2021
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