Workshops - The Gifts of Paintbooks - ZOOM WORKSHOP

The Gifts of Paintbooks - ZOOM WORKSHOP
Cherry Sweig painting  Cherry Sweig  Sweig Painting
Discover how to transform a blank watercolor book into your own prized memoire. This workshop will follow a PRE-plan outline to embellish the pages within a consistent composition, yet welcoming flexible imagery from your life’s adventures. Using watercolors as the central medium, special effects, innovative tools and techniques will be explored. With imaginative subject prompts, typography design ideas and Paintbook samples, demonstrations will also show how to paint on-the-go with light weight gear. 
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Artist Bio
Cherry Sweig
Cherry Sweig focuses on the charismatic interplay of color, movement and light created with expressive brushstrokes and pigments applied in glazed layers. Travel worldwide provides a main theme in her works featuring intriguing cultures, gardens, portraiture and wildlife imagery.
From castles in Spain, Santorini’s sheer cliffs, Machu Picchu’s pinnacles to her backyard hummingbirds, themes depict vivid memoirs. One of her most cherished memories is painting until dark as a guest in Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.
She also draws inspiration from her hometown of La Jolla, the California Coastline, San Diego historical sites and National Parks. Painting ‘En plein air’ on locations is essential to beholding the scenery with all of one’s senses. This evolved into her method of inventive journaling, she calls ‘Paintbooks’.
Back in the studio, they are a roadmap for larger innovative artworks and series. ‘Finding Venetian Angels’, a solo exhibition was at St James Gallery by-the-Sea in La Jolla. Cherry spent a month in Venice, Italy with her lightweight paintbook, camera and intuition. She scouted through canals and countless bridges of the six Venetian districts. It was getting lost, by design, that disclosed angelic treasures from an artful perspective.The search itself revealed as the central theme and the collection came to life though twenty artworks.
With a Bachelor of Arts Degree & Honors in Graphic Design from San Diego State University,1978, showings include Santa Fe, New Mexico, Grand Cayman, British West Indies, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt and the Smithsonian in Washington DC. She currently focuses on solo exhibitions in San Diego County, Athens and Corfu, Greece. Earning numerous Best of Show and Best Painter awards, her careers in Art Direction and Graphics manifest and guide her prolific style.

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