Workshops - Perspective for Watercolor Artists

Perspective for Watercolor Artists

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In this six-hour workshop, watercolor artist Ralph Kingery leads you through the basic concepts and practice of perspectives needed to depict three-dimensional reality on two-dimensional paper.  The “rules” of perspective are based on geometry, and the way that we see the world.  If we look out over a flat plain, same-size objects near us appear to get smaller and smaller as they get farther away from us, until they appear to vanish at the far horizon. 

Kingery shows how to use these rules to draw and paint objects in what is known as one-point perspective, where parallel lines leading away from us seem to end at a “vanishing point” on a distant horizon.  Examples of one-point perspective include views along a street, views of rectangular boxes, or of circular objects viewed in perspective.  You will work on exercises based on all these concepts.

More complex two-point perspectives are similar but have two vanishing points.  The class will practice drawing objects in two-point perspective both in the classroom and outside.  This will be aided by a simple angle measurement device that will be provided, and which you will keep.  Two-point perspectives occur when most elements being depicted are located not far above or below our eye level. 

However, in an environment containing tall buildings, three-point perspective becomes the general operating rule.  For example, when viewing a tall building from near its base, the upper stories of the building seem to converge towards a vanishing point high in the sky.  Or, if viewing the building from the air, the building sides appear to converge to a point under the ground. Examples of these concepts will be provided in drawings and in watercolor paintings.

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Artist Bio  

 Kingery worked as an Urban and Environmental Planner for more than 37 years. After his retirement in 2013, Kingery started taking watercolor classes taught by Kate Fitzsimmons and joined the San Diego Watercolor Society, hoping to learn from its many experienced members. 

That has been a good move, and he later served as SDWS’ 1st Vice-President for a year, then a year as President, and is now an SDWS Past-President. As of May 2020, 57 of his paintings have been juried into the monthly SDWS member shows, and the SDWS International Show (twice). 

His work has also been accepted into the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies show in Eugene, OR, and is on temporary loan to the Office of the Mayor of San Diego. His paintings have been shown at the San Diego County Fair, as well as exhibitions in Salamanca, Spain and Avignon, France.

Kingery is now a Board member of the La Jolla Art Association, showing his art at La Jolla Community Center, at Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, and at the San Diego Watercolor Society gallery. He is also coordinator of a group of artists who started with Kate Fitzsimmons, meeting weekly at the Clairemont Senior Center.



Non Members Fee: $120.00 Members Fee: $100.00

This workshop takes place on:

Saturday, May 15th, 2021 - Saturday, May 15th, 2021
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