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Intuitive Painting


Hawk  Hawk  Hawk

Colorful, award-winning painter Richard Hawk shares his principles, mindsets and techniques for painting freely and intuitively in watermedia.

Beginning within a clear, shape-based composition allows the artist to create with joyful abandon and expressive intensity. The focus is on understanding and using values effectively, managing color temperature, and bold, expressive line. Hawk's seven tried-and-true rules for successful painting ensure results that are sophisticated as well as free and easy on the eyes. Richard provides 'shape collections' – design templates for paintings – for the course. His classes are nurturing and fun.

Appropriate for both the beginner and the experienced painter seeking 'new mind' – and a freer approach to their work.

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Artist Bio

Richard Hawk

 American painter Richard Hawk explores what he calls “the search for understanding” in his energetic works depicting people and their environments. With a balance of bold statement and sensitivity, Hawk plumbs the psychological and spiritual. “I try to capture something of the interior life, the life of mind and spirit, through a portrait of the physical person,” he says.

He points out that the charged moments he portrays are all around us and may be found day to day. Hawk has worked as a designer, advertising art director and illustrator. When it comes to fine art, he has done much of his painting using waterbased painting media. “Paint, water and paper create unique effects that simulate larger natural forces,” he says. His robust use of strong line and shape - often using graphite, watercolor, gouache (opaque watercolor) and watercolor crayon in the same piece - give his paintings vitality and a contemporary edge. He is also know for his unique combination of oxidizing effects and oil painting on pure copper.

Hawk’s evocative studies of people and landscapes have been juried into exhibitions locally, nationally, and internationally, have won several major awards and can be found in many private collections. He accepts commissions. Today Hawk paints and lives in Southern California. He also teaches painting workshops, live and online.

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This workshop takes place on:

Saturday, July 17th, 2021 - Sunday, July 18th, 2021
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