Workshops - Watercolor Impressions, How to Paint with Confidence

Watercolor Impressions, How to Paint with Confidence

Luis Juarez Painting     Luis Juarez Painting      Juarez Painting

Students will learn what it means to paint with confidence. Each student will be given steps to paint with a vision- to see the finished product before they lift a brush.  Luis will focus on composition and values as the key ingredients for a successful painting. 
You will learn how to simplify your painting and capture a strong composition. Students will learn to sketch without fuss to eliminate unnecessary detail. 

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Luis Juarez

Luis Juarez has won Honorable Mention in the category of Miniatures in the San Diego Watercolor Society’s highly competitive February member show, “Loving the Land.” Acclaimed juror Stan Goudey said of this work, “I love the black and white and I really love the design. Artists are often afraid to use a monotone palette, but I really like it.”

Juarez has been painting watercolor art since 2008, specializing in painting Plein Air in San Diego.

"I paint what I see. However, I always feel free to move a building or a mountain to enhance the painting. The final result for a successful composition is more important than the reality of what I see." Luis Juarez

Non Members Fee: $185.00 Members Fee: $165.00