Supporting SDWS

Since being founded in 1965, SDWS has grown to become one of the premier watermedia organizations in the nation. It enriches the arts in San Diego and throughout the world through programming that includes an acclaimed annual International Exhibition, juried monthly Member Exhibitions, and art classes for school children and seniors. In addition, SDWS recruits nationally renowned artists to teach beginning through advanced painting classes and provide painting demonstrations.

SDWS Donations Are Tax-Deductible

SDWS's status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization   means that your donation can be deducted from your income for state and federal income taxes. (Your tax advisor should be consulted.)

Donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged within 30 days. At the end of the calendar year, all of your donations during the year will be tallied, and donations over $25 will receive a letter by mid-February to verify your tax deduction.


Save on your Taxes!!!

Rollover IRA $$$ to SDWS & help sustain our gallery and programs!

Ask your IRA trustee to mail a check payable directly to SDWS. We are an IRSA-eligible non-profit with Federal Tax ID 95-3153264. The money will not be taxed, will not count as income, and will count as part of your annual minimum required distribution if you're 70.5 years or above. (Your gift would not also qualifiy for a charitable deduction.)

Please mail your check to:

SDWS Development
2825 Dewey Road, Studio 105
San Diego, CA 92106

Painting the Bell Jar by Mel Lacki

Painting the Bell Jar by Mel Lacki


Donor Benefits

Benefit categories are based on two criteria.

1. During a calendar year:  An individual’s total donations.

Additionally, for a single contribution of $1,000 or more the donor
will receive a 
15% discount on the purchase of a painting.

2. Over the years:  The total of an individual’s donations since SDWS established its database.  Total contributions will be tallied at the end of each calendar year. Over time, an individual may eventually contribute enough to move from a lower category to a higher category. Donors with "lifetime" contributions of $500 and above will be recognized (with permission) at the SDWS Gallery on the "Lifetime Giving" display and on the SDWS website.

"Lifetime" Donation categories are as follows:

Planned Giving

Consider being part of the SDWS Legacy for Art.  You will  help ensure that SDWS can continue to provide artistically inspiring programs and services to members and visitors of  the future, and you will always be honored and remembered  at the SDWS Gallery.


Please designate SDWS as a beneficiary in your will, trust, retirement plan, annuity, or insurance policy.  Since SDWS is  a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Federal Tax ID 95-3153264), such a gift would not be subject to federal estate tax.

If you wish to bequest part of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) account to SDWS, designate SDWS as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.  Your heirs will avoid paying estate and income taxes on the gift, as it can be  transferred directly from the IRA to SDWS.

Any bequest can be specified for either general use or for a specific SDWS purpose or program.

IRA Chartibale Rollover

At age 70½ people with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are required to begin taking annual minimum distributions.  Usually, this is considered taxable income and could move a person into a higher tax bracket.

The good news is that on December 18, 2015, the president signed into law a bipartisan bill titled, Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015.  This law allows owners of IRAs and Roth IRAs to make tax-free gifts directly from an IRA to any qualified charity, such as the San Diego Watercolor Society.  The gift does not need to be claimed as income and would not be taxable, but it would count towards your annual minimum required distribution.  

To make an IRA Charitable Rollover gift to SDWS

Any gift can be specified for either general use or for a specific purpose or program.

Merchant Donations

You can help maintain the San Diego Watercolor Society's excellent programs and services by contributing money or materials to be used for exhibition awards, special events, or our watermedia classes for children and adults.

Supporting SDWS will bring you the recognition and appreciation of our members and the many visitors to the SDWS gallery and website.

Shop to Donate

You can support the San Diego Watercolor Society by shopping! A percentage of the money you spend at AmazonSmile and Ralph's Groceries will be donated to SDWS. 


  1. Change the Amazon Bookmark on your webrowser to 
  2. After you log in, go to Change My Charity and type in "SDWS".
  3. Now, when you use your bookmark to shop at Amazon Smile you are donating to SDWS! 


  1. Pick up a card at a Ralph's Grocery Store
  2. Create an account at
  3. Link to SDWS account 81857

Please email questions and/or inquiries to our Development Director.