Military Family Arts Program

In 2012, SDWS was awarded a $25,000 two-year grant from the James Irvine Foundation to fund a new military family community arts program. These art classes were held at the recreation centers at Gateway military housing area and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. Four education committee teachers planned and taught all lessons at both facilities which are offered weekly for the entire family.All art supplies were provided for the participating families.  The third year  we received an award of $12,500 from The Parker Foundation to continue the program for another year at both sites.
This school year we have changed the program, due to family and teacher considerations and are offering a monthly three hour  Saturday art session for the military families at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. We are excited that forty families attended  our first session.

Our goals include introducing these families to the greater San Diego arts community, expanding their art appreciation, teaching them how to present their art for exhibition, but mainly offering quality time for these families who deal with the stress of family separation through deployments and frequent moves from one duty station to another.

Father and daughter get to spend quality time together at the military’s Gateway Recreation Center with this new arts program taught by SDWS teachers.

Even though our lesson emphasis is on drawing and watercolor painting, many objectives include principals of art and elements of design. This military spouse and her two daughters get started on their bird project.

Each week a new art project is planned for the families. This father and daughter finish up their symmetrical watercolor name designs. Very cool and colorful.