The 2017 37th Inernational Exhibition Results

Accepted Artists and Paintings:

Artist Name Artwork Title Medium
Anne Abgott Off Broadway 1 Watercolor
Christine Alfery Northern Lights Watercolor
Deena Altman Outside the Borders # 3, Encircling Watercolor
Craig Anderson Neon Shadows Watercolor
Chris Appleton Media Madness Watercolor
Ruth Armitage Jump Mixed Media
Denise Athanas Let's Go Orange Acrylic
Marnie Becker Crossing Michigan Watercolor
Francesca Brayton San Carlos Spoons Watercolor
Angela Chang Filling Station Cafe X Watercolor
Keming Chen Little Italy, New York City Watercolor
Leslie Cheney-Parr Hyde Street Pier Watercolor
Valerie P. Cohen My Son Mixed Media
Kathy Collins Space and Time Mixed Media
Taryn Curiel Interlocking Watercolor
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Feels Like Home to Me Mixed Media
Vera M. Dickerson Midnight Visitor Mixed Media
Steve Dudek Shirley's Koy Watercolor
Sharon Feingold Quiet Thoughts Acrylic
Susan Gale At the Edge Watercolor
Michael Garberick Game Day on the Farm Watercolor
Vi Gassman Studying in Comfort Mixed Media
Mc Cormack Geoffrey Learning to Walk in My Shadow V 0.8 Acrylic
Janet Gilliland Love and Joy Watercolor
Richard Glassman Hooded Man Acrylic
Ken Goldman Mixed Messages Watercolor
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Day or Night?-NYC Watercolor
Stan Goudey Table for One Watercolor
Richard Hanson Taking Stock of Art and Culture (Street Series) Watercolor
Elaine Harvey San Andreas Dances Mixed Media
Helen Hayes Destination Unknown Watercolor
Iretta Hunter Sliced Tomatoes Watercolor
Diane Kalt Jeff Watercolor
Mary Keefer StonemasonsDream Mixed Media
Susan Keith Cherry Reds Watercolor
Kirby Kendrick Sistine Pop! Mixed Media
Ralph Kingery Iris e Olives en Provence Watercolor
Shirley Kleppe What A Riot! Watercolor
Su Yong Kown Unconscious Sentiment Mixed Media
Stan Kurth Loner #14 Mixed Media
Mel Lacki Cassidy In The Wind Watercolor
Robbie Laird Ancient Endless Knot #4 Mixed Media
Carolyn Latanision Sun in Seville Watercolor
Jan Ledbetter The Maya of Chichicastenango #193 Watercolor
Chin Chian  Lee Country road,take me home Watercolor
Dorothy Lee Harumi's Garden 2 Watercolor
Laura Lehman Electronic Jungle Watercolor
Shuang Li Spring in Southern China Watercolor
Kerk Hwang Lok Wheels No 8 Watercolor
Sandra MacDiarmid And the Band Played On Mixed Media
Ananta Mandal Towards Flora Fountain Watercolor
Carol Mansfield Orbital Traffic Control Acrylic
Anne McCartney An Admirer  Watercolor
Angus McEwan Contemplation Watercolor
Robert McIntyre Light at the End of the Tunnel Watercolor
Chuck McPherson The Art Critics Watercolor
Robert Lee Mejer Take PC #6 Watercolor
Marion Mettler Layers No. 38 (Red & Black) Mixed Media
Peggy Minger-McCants Connections Mixed Media
Dean Mitchell Shotgun Houses Watercolor
Sally Mook Two Acrylic
Pat Moseuk Juxtapose Mixed Media
Sayeko Nakamura Blue Room Watercolor
Eileen Neill Alphabet Watercolor
R. Mike Nichols Segmented Mixed Media
Olivier Oudard Myanmar Fisherman at Rest Watercolor
Rise Parberry Cliffs and Clouds Acrylic
Gitta Pfahl Ready for Margaritas Watercolor
George Politis Crisis is Back Watercolor
Charles Henry Rouse Lunch in Venice Watercolor
John Salminen Coat Check Watercolor
George  Schoonover The Horse Talker Acrylic
Suzy Schultz Longing for Flight 3 Watercolor
Darcy Scott Roots Mixed Media
Lynn Slade Riffles Watercolor
Vita Sorrentino Madam B Mixed Media
Susanna Spann Mermaid of Horseshoe Cove Watercolor
Robin St. Louis 2017 Watercolor
Nancy Stark Under the Tracks Mixed Media
Kristin Stashenko Boston Public Library Watercolor
Scott Stoltman Grapes on Gingham Watercolor
Susan Stuller Many Faces of Jack Watercolor
Deborah Swan-McDonald Inner Sanctum Watercolor
Jimmy Tablante Whang Od Watercolor
Suz Chiang Tan Song of the City NO.5 Watercolor
Carol Thomason Lines of Communications 251, ALPHABET.COM Mixed Media
Ski Torzeski The Fallen Giant  Watercolor
Salvador Valencia Allegro Watercolor
Minnie Valero Falling Stones Acrylic
Myrna Wacknov Snapped Watercolor
Soon Y. Warren Rebirth - Sunflower Watercolor
John White Beginnings Mixed Media
Richard Woods Lloyd Road, Tortuga, BVI Watercolor
Keiko Yasuoka Corona Street Watercolor
Barbara Yoerg Screaming at the Violence Mixed Media


Selected Alternate Artists and Paintings:

Artist Name Artwork Title Medium
Setsuko Yoshida Forms in Art Nouveau Style Watercolor
Gay Paratore Blackhawk 24 Watercolor
Nancy Oleksa The Black Earring Watercolor
Kay Coop Edificio Havana Watercolor
Sherry Roper Pomodori Watercolor
Ronald Andrews Mountain Joy I Mixed Media