41th International Exhibition

Accepted Artists and Paintings:

First Name Last Name Title
Anne Abgott Palm 2
Craig Anderson My Muse
Tony Armendariz Modern Man
Marnie Becker Rain on the Boulevard St Germaine
John Bierley Stained
Matthew Bird Cherries
Ricardo Bitran Secret Beach
Marilynne Bradley Tuna Arbor
Francesca Brayton April Blooms
Ken Call Red Lollipops
Janice Cipriani-Willis A New Day
Valerie P. Cohen Escarpment, DanaPlateau
Antonio Darden Venice Laundry V
Ratindra Das NuevoCastello
Pat Dews Patchwork
Roberta Dyer Heart String
Frank Eber African Refugee
Kathleen Eichler Puddle Jumper
Amid El Haddad Flanders Landscape
Z Feng Rock Wood
Ada Florek Still Life with Fruit 
Francesco Fontana Selling Floats on The Beach
Pasqualino Fracasso holiday memories
Richard Glassman Aspects of Aging (The Colloquy)
Ken Goldman Spectating Workers in Lithuania
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Nameless Here For Evermore
Xi Guo Pink
Richard Hanson Piazza della Republica
Richard Hawk River
Karen Heidler May I Have This Dance?
Janine Helton Sunshine on My Shoulders
Lori Hess Trance
Wanda Honeycutt Prismatic Fish
William Hook Duwamish Loader study 2
Maryam Hosseini Rock, paper, scissors 
Han In Huang Wong Three geese
Marie Huggin Morning Light
Jeff Ishikawa Pandemic Boredom
Julio Jorge The Final Disappointment
Bev Jozwiak Life Interrupted 
Buffy Kaufman Westward 
Susan Keith New Day Dawning
Karen Knutson A World Apart
Sheryl Ruth Kolitsopoulos Picking Oregano In The Mountains Of Greece
Chris Krupinski Raspberries Squared
Rebecca Krutsinger Baby, It's Cold Outside
Chin Chian  Lee He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Laura Lehman Welcome Back!
Dongfeng Li Chilly Morning for the Street "Pack Rat"
Dyanne Locati Wine on the Rhine
Kerk Hwang Lok Tales of Wheel No 19
Stacy Lund Levy Is It Safe To Come In Yet?
Anthony Masi 59th Street Bridge
Jeff Mathison The Influencer
Anne McCartney Lake Superior Rocks
Robert McIntyre Bottoms Up
Joan McKasson Afternoon Light
Chuck McPherson Oceanside Peers
Joan Merrick Girl With Sunflower On Her Ankle
Ruth Miller Harbor Boats
Dean Mitchell St. Augustine Light
Joye Moon The Sunny Side
Robert Nichols Tropical Brush Strokes
Robert O'Brien Streamliners at Rest
Kris Parins Fall Farewell
Fernando Pena Pandemia
Kris Preslan Four Feet Deep.jpg
John Salminen Elevated Patterns
Thomas W. Schaller Afternoon Light - Palermo 
Dmitrii Selivanov Agnia
Mikhail Starchenko Vasilyevsky
Jiangang Sun Homes twenty-three
Brenda Swenson Pasadena City Hall
Keiko Tanabe Ajisai (Hydrangeas) III
Daniel Tennant Striking while It's Hot
Zhou Tianya Uygur Cotton Planter
Lyudmila Tomova In the Light
Stephanie Van de Wetering Special Delivery
Liz Walker Out Of the Darkness #2
Astrid Edel Walter On The Rocks XV
Soon Y. Warren Sunny Invitation
Lorraine Watry Prague Bubble Man
Sue Welsby Time Square
Leslie Wilson Rush Ranch 3
Sandy Winfree Transparency
Jian Wu Girl with Red Scarf
Ting Wu Peaceful Marina
Stephen Yau An afternoon in Lakeshore
Joseph Zbukvic Boat repair 
Xiaochang Zhang Brother
Stephen Zhang The Sun
Mary Carrier

Seeing Silver

Steve Rothert

The Jewel

Tom Herbert

Pushing up Daisies


Alternate Artists and Paintings:

First Name Last Name Title
Lisa Wang The next order
Lisa Pope Golden Harvest
Vicente Garcia The Storm
Scott Stoltman You Say Tomato
Douglas Lew Red Sweater
Joan Captain Elijah