2023’s Outstanding Donors


The Collectors (gave $1,000 or more) in 2023

Pat and Chip Crowl
Roberta Dyer
Joan Mangan
Valli McDougle
Stanley Siegel
Lera Baker Smith
Carol and Ed Thomason
Beverly Tuzin

The Aficionados (gave $500 - $999) in 2023

Deena and Ken Altman
Kami Cottrell
Wayne Julien
Carol Mansfield
Mary Pennell
John Salminen
Sharri Sedlock
Sharon Sheehan

The Enthusiasts (gave $250-$499) in 2023

Gordon Bashant
Mickey Daniels
Nan Jiang
Vickie Kleen
Cheri and Herbert Mills
Mary O’Boyle
Risë Parberry
Mary Ann Rogers
Ann Sands
Vita Sorrentino
Pat Wahlen
Jess and Ann Walker
Mary J. Wood