38th International Exhibition

Accepted Artists and Paintings:

First Name
Last Name
Anne Abgott Nice Flea Market Watercolor
Craig Anderson Museum Time Watercolor
Denise Athanas Revelation Acrylic
Drew Bandish Morning Pages Watercolor
Matthew Bird Looking Forward Mixed Media
Larry Bond Early Morning Hunt Watercolor
Allan Butt The Tourist: British Museum, London Watercolor
Angela Chang Filling Station Cafe XV Watercolor
Keming Chen Constructions in New York City 2 Watercolor
Leslie Cheney-Parr Puy 5 Green Velvet Watercolor
Lei Chi Cafe Monday Watercolor
Joe Cibere Mopup Crew Watercolor
Janice Cipriani-Willis Uh-Oh Watercolor
Kathy Collins Mythical Mixed Media
Kathleen Conover Street Scene Watercolor
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Enough! Mixed Media
Ratindra Das Harborside Watercolor
N.S. David Man Three Watercolor
Pat Dispenziere The Play of Light XIV Watercolor
Woody Duncan Uncovering the Past Watercolor
Frank Eber The Quotidian Watercolor
Robin Erickson Apple NYC - Into the Clouds Watercolor
Michael Garberick Old Man Sam Watercolor
Richard Glassman Beach Triptych Acrylic
Ken Goldman Line and Space 3 Watercolor
Stephanie Goldman Tip Cup Watercolor
Laurie Goldstein-Warren Spellbound Watercolor
Dmitry Grudsky Koi Fish Mixed Media
Patricia Guzman Happiness Watercolor
Richard Hanson A Late Evening Stroll in Rome Watercolor
Tom Herbert She Has Seen Better Days Watercolor
Susan Hewitt Hot Couture Watercolor
William Hook Scary Stuff #3 Watercolor
Marie Huggin Leslie Watercolor
Jeff Ishikawa Wash Day Watercolor
John James Stringing a Thought - Home Mixed Media
Kim Johnson Busy Bodies Watercolor
Sue Johnston Winners Watercolor
Barbara Kellogg Cycling Dream Acrylic
Jai Kim The Evening in Cinque Terre Watercolor
Ralph Kingery Pret a Manger Watercolor
Mike Kowalski Arcade Watercolor
Jill Krasner Peach Flowers On Grey Watercolor
Chris Krupinski Citrus and Berries Watercolor
Mel Lacki Moondust Morning Watercolor
Angela Lacy Waiting for the Opening Watercolor
Ze Ze Lai Golden Dream 1.1 Watercolor
Vanna Lancini Luce sul Canale Watercolor
Chin Chian  Lee I Can Fly Watercolor
David Lobenberg Pensive Watercolor
Kerk Hwang Lok Tales of Wheel No 16 Watercolor
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz Sunset in Georgetown Watercolor
Carol Mansfield Winter Trail Acrylic
Antonio Masi Manhattan Bridge Snow Watercolor
Geoffrey McCormack Learning to Walk in My Own Shadow #13 Acrylic
Robert Lee Mejer Variant Crossroads Watercolor
Maggie Metcalf A Fine Day Indeed Watercolor
Marion Mettler Red Vest Mixed Media
Ruth Miller Selfie Watercolor
Dean Mitchell Sunlit Watercolor
Linda Mullen Nature's Rhythm Watercolor
Woon Lam Ng After Work Watercolor
Ted Nuttall Was She Even Listening Watercolor
Leon Okun Temptation Part 3 Watercolor
George Politis Door With Poster Watercolor
Kris Preslan Breadwinner Series #2 Watercolor
Ronnie Rector Man on a Mission Watercolor
Hazel Reeves Interrogation Mixed Media
Charles Henry Rouse Rachael's Smile Watercolor
Ana Laura Salazar  Safe With You Watercolor
Isa Scaccabarozzi A Casa di Ely Watercolor
Thomas W. Schaller Footbridge - China Watercolor
George  Schoonover The Know It All Watercolor
Hong Shan Horseman Watercolor
Mary Sievers Rock 'n Red Rockers Acrylic
Kathy Simon-McDonald Winter Rain in New Orleans Watercolor
Brian Smith Congested Cam Watercolor
Vita Sorrentino Carnevale Watercolor
Susanna Spann Chanteuse of the Maison Watercolor
Robin St. Louis If Chairs Could Talk Watercolor
Natalia Studenkova The Sunny Horse Watercolor
Suz Chiang Tan Reflection of Time #2 Watercolor
Keiko Tanabe After the Rain, Coronado Watercolor
Zhou Tianya Mountain Stream I Watercolor
Lyudmila Tomova Whiskers Watercolor
Ski Torzeski Bad Weather Coming Watercolor
Phyllis Tseng The Wait Watercolor
Myrna Wacknov Leaning In Mixed Media
Edwin West Awaiting Watercolor
Bonnie Woods Behind the Center Ring Mixed Media
Barbara Yoerg Hurricane Aftermath Mixed Media
Setsuko Yoshida Untie the Knots No.1 Watercolor
Xiaochang Zhang Buddy Watercolor
Helen Hayes Tomorrow's History Watercolor
Swaraj Das A View from the Top Watercolor
Vernon Groff Chips Watercolor


Alternate Artists and Paintings:

First Name
Last Name
Marnie Becker Red Bandana Watercolor
Joan Merrick Paperwhite Woman 2 Mixed Media
Kristin Stashenko The Louvre Mixed Media
Ron Thurston Morning Commute Watercolor
Gene Youngmann Old Friends Watercolor
Chinmaya Panda Twilight Flight Watercolor
Fernando Pena Morning Shadows Watercolor