Entry Requirements for Monthly Member VIRTUAL ONLY Exhibitions


  • Artists may submit up to two images per size category.
  • Artists must submit original artwork only, created by them within two years of entry.
  • Artwork may not be a copy or likeness of another’s work or a recognizable use of another’s intellectual property.
  • Artwork may not be a copy of photo reference material other than the entrants.
  • Artwork done under direct supervision during a class or workshop is not eligible for submission.
  • A painting may be exhibited only once in any regular Member Show.
  • A painting that has appeared in a regular Member Show may be subsequently entered in a Cash Awards Member Show.
  • A painting that has appeared in a Cash Awards Member Show may not be subsequently entered in another Cash Awards Member Show or in a regular Member Show.
  • Artwork previously juried into an SDWS International Exhibition and/or a Western Federation Exhibition may be entered in any Member Show (regular or cash award).
  • Printed photographic images are not permitted.
  • Adhere to the San Diego Watercolor Society Ethical Art Policy found on the Members Only Forms & Documents page.
  • Accepted artwork may be entered again in a future show.


  • All artwork must be for sale. SDWS receives a 20% commission on all sales.
  • There will be no minimum price.

Size categories

Size categories are currently waived for Virtual Only exhibitions. 

  • Regular:  Framing may not have an outside measure of more than 60 inches on any one side, or be less than 8 inches on any one side.
  • Mini:  Framing must not exceed a combined height and width of 25.5 inches, nor be less than 8 inches on any one side.


  • Artwork must be no less than 80% watermedia, presented in a primarily aqueous manner.  Water miscible oils are not allowed.
  • Acceptable Mediums: Watercolor, acrylic, gouache, casein, egg tempera, ink, water-soluble pencil or crayon, and collage material (painted by the artist with watermedia).  Non water-based media may be integrated, but cover no more than 20% of the artwork.


  • Artwork must be presented on watercolor paper, paper-based board, or Yupo or other synthetic paper.

Art will be sold / priced as Unframed and Unmatted