Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2018 June - "Bluesy Mash-up" $1000 Mike Shirk Memorial Cash Award

Robin Erickson, Juror

116 Accepted (including 18 alternates) from 224 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Julie Anderson Just Thinking, Study Mixed Media Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Julie Anderson Thought You Brought It Watercolor Regular Second Place
Craig Anderson Hope and Liberty Watercolor Regular
Lois Athearn Catalina Dive & Snorkle Watercolor Mini
Lois Athearn Raising The Big Top Watercolor Regular
Marty Atwell Tulip Melodies Watercolor Mini Alt
Marty Atwell Tulip Dreams Mixed Media Regular
Gail Balga Look What Came Up Watercolor Regular
Drew Bandish Sunset, Northbound Skein Watercolor Regular
Nell Bartlett Perservere Mixed Media Regular
Kayo Beach Yosaburo, Kabuki Watercolor Regular
Kayo Beach Eagle #8 Watercolor Mini
Beverly Berwick Blue Geisha Watercolor Regular
Susan Binford It's Good to be a Crane Mixed Media Regular
Gerald Bischoff Back Country Watercolor Mini Alt
Sue Blass Morning in the Flower Fields Watercolor Regular
Lynette Bredow Morning Light Watercolor Regular
Gloria Chadwick Lion In The Reef Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Myrtle Creek Garden, Fallbrook Watercolor Regular
Mary Sue Compton Logjam Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Jean Coombs Family Watercolor Regular Best of Theme
Jean Coombs Sandy Rocks Watercolor Mini
Pat Crowl Contemplative Hannah Watercolor Regular
Pat Crowl Fog on the Derwent...a View From MONA Watercolor Mini
Carolyn Dubuque Spirit Birds Mixed Media Regular Alt
Roberta Dyer A Condition of Existence Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Shalom Eis Soul of Music Watercolor Regular
Robin Erickson Manhattan Bridge Watercolor Regular
Hiroko Fisher Surfing Buddies Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco First Light Watercolor Mini
Thomas Franco Hangin' Out Watercolor Regular
Tova Galgut Melancholy Blues Acrylic Regular Alt
Michael Garberick Young Horatio Watercolor Regular
Vi Gassman T-Straps Watercolor Regular
Linda Gilbreath Water Song Watercolor Mini Alt
Linda Gilbreath At Rest Watercolor Regular Alt
Richard Glassman 17 Bathers Acrylic Regular
Elizabeth Hamud Taking the Plunge Watercolor Regular Alt
Elaine Harvey Bridges and Reflections Watercolor Regular
Elaine Harvey Rising Early Watercolor Mini
Charles Held Halong Bay Watercolor Regular
Gloria Henderson RT 74 to Palm Desert Watercolor Mini
Susan Hewitt Cobalt Reflections Watercolor Regular
Susan Hewitt Something? Watercolor Mini
Royce Hinson Geometrics Watercolor Mini
Royce Hinson Balls To The Walls Watercolor Regular
Betty Hock Different Rhythms Acrylic Regular
Betty Hock Impulsive Acrylic Mini
Bella Hollingworth Morning Sun Mixed Media Mini
Bella Hollingworth Madeiran Milk Vendor, "1941" Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt A Tender Moment Acrylic Mini
Judy Janc Garden Fresh Watercolor Regular
Judy Janc Born To Bond Mixed Media Mini Alt
Luis Juarez Fishing Boats Near Seaport Village Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Luis Juarez Los Pescadores Watercolor Mini
Diane Kalt Windblown Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Alice Kayuha Catch of the Day Mixed Media Regular
Susan Keith Garden Variety Daisies Watercolor Regular
Susan Keith Shifting Shadows Watercolor Mini Alt
Tom Kilroy Bodie Watercolor Regular
Tom Kilroy L Metro Watercolor Mini Alt
Karen Kleiser Embera Woman in Panama Watercolor Regular
Sandie Linn Keen on Indigo Tones Watercolor Mini Alt
Harriet Lisak Hey, Good Looking! Acrylic Regular
Lorri Lynch Manor Poppies Watercolor Regular Alt
Lorri Lynch Counting Sheep II Watercolor Mini Alt
Carol Mansfield Sunshine Trio Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Rebecca McCullough A Walk Along the Potomac Mixed Media Regular
Rebecca McCullough Taking Flight Mixed Media Mini
Joan McKasson Sunlit Spring Flowers Watercolor Regular
Joan McKasson Ocean Gems Mixed Media Mini
Chuck McPherson Punkmistress Watercolor Regular First Place
Joan Merrick Cirque Femme Mixed Media Regular Alt
Marion Mettler Seated No. 3 Mixed Media Regular Third Place
James Q. Millard Shopping on Girard Watercolor Regular
Diane Moore African Tulip Tree Mixed Media Regular
Linda Mullen Flavors of Blue Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Carolyn Nespolo Tecumseh Acrylic Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Bowl of Pears Acrylic Mini
Nancy Oleksa Bridging It In Brooklyn Watercolor Regular
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Roses Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price By The Bay Watercolor Regular Alt
Maureen Price Wild Things Watercolor Mini Alt
Faye Richert Micronesia Mixed Media Regular Alt
Faye Richert Summer Bloom Watercolor Mini
Bonnie Rinier Market Day in Lucca Italy Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Rinier Smooth and Fluffy Watercolor Mini
Nancy Rizzardi Not So Blue Blues Mixed Media Regular
Cynthia Roach Saturday in the City Watercolor Regular
Cynthia Roach Radio Theives get Bluesy Watercolor Mini Alt
Carol Roberts Anna's Hummingbird with Passion Flowers Watercolor Regular
Mary Ann Rogers Two Way Traffic Watercolor Mini
Carolyn Rosado End of the Storm Mixed Media Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Cascadia Rising Watercolor Regular
Sandra Seckington Let There Be Light Watercolor Regular
Marilyn Shayegan I'd Rather Be In Paris Mixed Media Regular
Mary Sievers Two Views Acrylic Regular
Jean Silva Sunset Cliffs Mixed Media Regular
Abbyann Sisk Bluesy Corner Watercolor Regular
Susanne Slater Lucca, Italy Watercolor Regular
Ann Slater Out For a Stroll Watercolor Mini Best of Miniatures
Ann Slater African Zebras Watercolor Regular
Kay Smith Headlands Neighborhood Watercolor Regular
Mark Smith Twisted Towers Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Mark Smith Vietnam Jam Watercolor Mini
Vita Sorrentino The Color of Water Watercolor Mini
Sarah Sullivan Though the Redwoods Watercolor Mini
Mona Tak Rose I Watercolor Regular
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 266, SPACEX.COM Mixed Media Regular Juror Commendation
Ski Torzeski Overload Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter Village Scene Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard Mission Moments Watercolor Regular
Angela Westengard Denny's Nut Mixed Media Mini
Susan Wormsley Headed Home Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Hawaiian Trade Winds Watercolor Mini
Ayue Zhang Zen Moment Watercolor Mini