Current Show Accepted

2018 December - "Magnetic Content"

Joan McKasson, Juror

116 Accepted (including 19 alternates) from 207 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Varvara Agabekova Evening Still Life Watercolor Regular
Julie Anderson The Jurors Mixed Media Regular
Julie Anderson Keeping Current, study Mixed Media Mini
Craig Anderson Heavy Lifters Watercolor Regular
Marty Atwell Dusk II Acrylic Regular
Marty Atwell Fading Beauty IV Watercolor Mini Alt
Drew Bandish Splash Zone Concierto Watercolor Regular Alt
Drew Bandish Hotober Watercolor Mini
Nell Bartlett Breaking the Chains Mixed Media Regular
Gordon Bashant Mingei Watercolor Regular
Kayo Beach Moon Watercolor Mini
Kayo Beach Tiger Son Watercolor Regular
Hong Beaven Visitor Watercolor Regular
Beverly Berwick Serenity Watercolor Mini
Beverly Berwick Geisha with Lute Watercolor Regular
Sandra Carrigan Two Red Poppies Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Girl 6 Watercolor Mini
Keming Chen Humble Garden Watercolor Regular
Mary Sue Compton Desert Pools Watercolor Regular
Pat Crowl A Descanso Afternoon Watercolor Regular
Jessie Davenport Big Sur Lilies Watercolor Regular Alt
Cheryl Dicus Wise Beast Watercolor Regular
Patricia Dispenziere The Play of Light XVIII Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Dubuque Holiday Wrapping Acrylic Mini Alt
Carolyn Dubuque Welcome To My Worlds Acrylic Regular
Perry Fowler Self Portrait Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco All Aflutter Watercolor Regular
Christina Fries-Miller Yellow Feet Watercolor Mini
Tova Galgut Synaptic Cosmos Mixed Media Mini
Michael Garberick What's Up? Watercolor Regular
Glory Giffin Mariner's Magnet Mixed Media Regular
Glory Giffin Bloomin' Watercolor Mini
Richard Glassman The Street Artist Acrylic Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Siamese Crocodile Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Gingko Leaves and River Rocks Watercolor Mini
Sheila Greer Alchemy II Acrylic Regular
Kathy Harder Blending In Watercolor Mini Alt
Charles Held Magnetic Watercolor Mini
Susan Hewitt Warm Sun Watercolor Regular
Betty Hock Evening Intrusion Acrylic Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Blooms Mixed Media Mini
Wanda Honeycutt Embracing the Light Acrylic Regular
Anne Hutchison Feast Day Watercolor Regular
Judy Janc Strutting Their Stuff Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Balboa Park Gathering Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Japanese Tea Garden Watercolor Mini
Alice Kayuha Scintillating Skittles Watercolor Regular
Alice Kayuha Cotton Candy Watercolor Mini
Anne Keefer Side View Watercolor Mini
Susan Keith Crabapple Harvest Watercolor Regular
Susan Keith Checkin' His List Watercolor Mini
Shuang Li Red Madder Watercolor Mini
Shuang Li Towards Basilica, Paris Watercolor Regular
Sandie Linn Bowing to the Creative Wisdom Watercolor Regular Alt
Sandie Linn Eyes on America Watercolor Mini Alt
Lorri Lynch The Christmas Card Watercolor Regular
Carol Mansfield Dominance Acrylic Regular
Carol Mansfield Mass Market Acrylic Mini
Marcella Martin My Prince Will Come Watercolor Regular
June Maxion Old Town Celebration Watercolor Regular
Cynthia Maxion Summers Past Watercolor Regular
Cynthia Maxion Beach Sketch Watercolor Mini Alt
Rebecca McCullough Misty Flight Mixed Media Regular
Rebecca McCullough Trembling Leaves Mixed Media Mini
Joan McKasson My Favorite Flowers Watercolor
Joan Merrick Lavender Woman Mixed Media Regular Alt
Marion Mettler Isabel Mixed Media Regular
James Q. Millard Buenos Dias Watercolor Mini
Carolyn Nespolo Backhoe #3 Mixed Media Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Abstract #313 Acrylic Mini
Leon Okun Green Mood Watercolor Regular
Nancy Oleksa Awash in Autumn Watercolor Regular
Roz Oserin Floating Bubbles Mixed Media Regular
Roz Oserin Paris Courtyard Watercolor Mini
Maureen Price Late Autumn Bloom Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price Neutrality Watercolor Mini
Rikki Reinholz Old Blue Mercedes Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Rinier Bluebird Guarding the Nest Watercolor Regular Alt
Bonnie Rinier Koi 5 Watercolor Mini
Nancy Rizzardi Out of Africa Mixed Media Mini
Cynthia Roach Water World Watercolor Regular
Carol Roberts Fergy Looking At You Watercolor Regular
Diana Ruark Cotswold Winter Mixed Media Regular
Diana Ruark Urban Sprawl Watercolor Mini Alt
Shinja Scheidnes Poinsettia Watercolor Mini Alt
Mirjam Schippers Georgia Street Bridge Watercolor Regular Alt
Kathleen Scoggin Fleur Noir II Watercolor Regular
Sandra Seckington Coastal Mists Watercolor Regular
Beatrice Shushan Reach for the Light Watercolor Regular
Alicia Siegler Prairie Sunrise Acrylic Regular
Mary H Sievers Morning Shadows Watercolor Regular
Mary H Sievers Winter Robe Watercolor Mini
Jean Silva The Air Softer Mixed Media Regular Alt
Abbyann Sisk Toucan at Drake Bay Watercolor Regular
Abbyann Sisk Mary's Rose Watercolor Mini Alt
Ann Slater Devoted Watercolor Regular
Ann Slater Just Hang'n Around Mixed Media Mini
Sylvia Smith Magnetosphere Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Sausalito Boathouses Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino Times Long Ago Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino Arctic Butterfly Mixed Media Mini
Sarah Sullivan View from the Gallery Desk Watercolor Mini
Sarah Sullivan A Cold Winter Day at Pacific Beach Watercolor Regular
Ski Torzeski Sierra Morning Watercolor Regular
Stephanie Van de Wetering The Happiest Time of the Year Watercolor Regular
Ann Walker Old Havana At Dusk Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter Big Sky Watercolor Mini
Susan Weinberg-Harter Across the Wetlands Watercolor Regular Alt
Angela Westengard Nap Time Mixed Media Mini Alt
Mary Juanita Wood Land of Fire Watercolor Regular
Susan Wormsley The Golden Hour Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Wormsley Tuscan Farm Watercolor Regular Alt
Jami Wright In The Forest Deep Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Through Wind, Rain and Definitely Snow! Watercolor Regular
Ayue Zhang Learning to Swim Watercolor Regular
Ayue Zhang The Last Step Watercolor Mini