Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2018 April - "Offbeat Nuances"

Judy Schroeder, Juror

115 Accepted (including 13 alternates) from 225 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Ane Agostini Soulful Jazz in Madrid Watercolor Regular
Marsha Alexander In Concert Watercolor Regular
Julie Anderson Second Thoughts, study Watercolor Mini
Julie Anderson On the Lookout Mixed Media Regular
Craig Anderson King Of The Road Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Lois Athearn Passion Fruit Watercolor Mini
Marty Atwell Tulip Dreams II Mixed Media Regular
Nell Bartlett Long Walk Home Watercolor Regular
Gordon Bashant Five Blue Palms in Balboa Watercolor Regular
Beverly Berwick Beneath the Lanterns Watercolor Mini
Patti Claassen Agave Watercolor Regular
Mary Sue Compton Desert Sunset Watercolor Mini
Jean Coombs Arch Madness Watercolor Mini Alt
Jean Coombs Encounter Watercolor Regular Alt
Barbara Crawford Twinkle Toes Watercolor Mini
Barbara Gorman Crawford Headlines Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Curtice Desert Sky Watercolor Mini
Carolina Dealy High Noon in Machu Picchu Watercolor Regular
Pat Dispenziere Looking Into Watercolor Regular
Pat Dispenziere Balboa Park Mixed Media Alt
Linda Doll Beach Walk Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Brent Foster Twilight Rose Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco Downtown Sheffield Watercolor Regular
Michael Garberick Favorite Pastime Watercolor Regular
Vi Gassman Tomato Soup Mixed Media Regular Best of Theme
Glory Giffin SeaMan II Watercolor Regular
Richard Glassman Phantom Shadow Acrylic Regular
Sheila Greer PATHWAYS Acrylic Mini
Sheila Greer Ode To The Southern Lights Watercolor Regular
Martha Grim Surfing Buddies Watercolor Regular
Debby Hamann Masai Warrior Watercolor Mini Alt
Elizabeth Hamud Where There is Smoke There is Food Watercolor Regular
Elaine Harvey Restless Mixed Media Regular
Charles Held Linda Watercolor Regular
Charles Held Mikaela Watercolor Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Betty Hock Subtle Fade Acrylic Mini Alt
Bella Hollingworth Paper Flight Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt The Guardian Mixed Media Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Something's Fishy Mixed Media Mini
Anne Hutchison Mother's Inspiration 1. Watercolor Regular
Barbara James Spannacchia, Italy Watercolor Mini Alt
Judy Janc Spring Explosion Watercolor Regular
Nicholas Jordan Bob's World Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Luis Juarez Prado Theatre Balboa Park Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Leo Carillo Park Watercolor Mini
Diane Kalt Favorite Lunch Place Watercolor Regular Second Place
Edward Kane Cat Chief Mixed Media Regular
Susan Keith Fiesta Color Watercolor Mini
Susan Keith Beyond The Bottleneck Watercolor Regular
Tom Kilroy Refugees Watercolor Mini
Roberta Labastida Lovely in Lavender II Watercolor Regular Alt
Shuang Li Boat House, Port Angeles Watercolor Regular
Shuang Li Calla Lily Watercolor Mini
Sandie Linn A Different Path Watercolor Regular
Lorri Lynch Counting Sheep Watercolor Mini Best of Miniatures
Carol Mansfield Winter Trail Acrylic Regular
Carol Mansfield Virtual Rain Acrylic Mini
Marcella Martin Posing (Cacatua Roseicapilla) Watercolor Regular
Rebecca McCullough Carson City Stallion Watercolor Regular
Rebecca McCullough Wandering Mares Watercolor Mini
Joan McKasson Hillside Wildflowers Mixed Media
Chuck McPherson Rothko's Ladies Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Doves in Spring Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Reflections and Shadows Watercolor Mini
Joan Merrick Paperwhite Woman 2 Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Diane Moore Polliwogs & Whales Mixed Media Regular Alt
Linda Mullen In the Hopper Watercolor
Annalise Neil Transition Watercolor Regular
Terri Nelson Solitary Glory Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Bowl of Pears Acrylic Mini
Joanne Newman After the Storm Watercolor Mini Alt
Joanne Newman Last Pose Watercolor Regular
Nancy Oleksa Nathan At Nine Watercolor Regular
Roz Oserin Woman Weaving Watercolor Regular Alt
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Dogwood Blooming in Boston Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price Banjo Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price Into The Night Watercolor Mini
Joetta Ragland Morning Joe Mixed Media Regular
Joetta Ragland Shopping Day Acrylic Mini
Rikki Reinholz Mechanics Delight Watercolor
Bonnie Rinier Koi Kaleidoscope Watercolor Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Happy Harbor Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Nancy Rizzardi Force of Nature Watercolor Mini
Cynthia Roach Afternoon at Balboa Park Watercolor Regular
Diana Ruark Of Sentimental Value Watercolor Regular
Diana Ruark Tapestry in Blue Mixed Media Mini
June Rubin Girl with Fan Watercolor Regular
Linda Rucker 1st Day Watercolor Regular Alt
Kathleen Scoggin Earth Patterns Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Alicia Siegler Desert Light Acrylic Regular Honorable Mention
Mary Sievers Times Past Mixed Media Regular
Mary Sievers Breaking Waves Watercolor Mini
Jean Silva Oh the Fragrance Mixed Media Regular
Ann Slater Three Frog Night Mixed Media Mini
Ann Slater Play Me a Tune & I'll Sing You a Song Mixed Media Regular
Michael Smerdon Sunbather Watercolor Regular
Michael Smerdon Of Faith Watercolor Mini
Mark Smith Maui Motion Watercolor Mini
Mark Smith Malibu Motion Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino After Klee Watercolor Juror Commendation
Vita Sorrentino Una Fascia D'oro Watercolor Mini
Robin St. Louis Whose Studio IS This? Watercolor Regular First Place
Sarah Sullivan Juniper Line Watercolor Regular
Sarah Sullivan Hold That Hat! Mixed Media Mini
Ski Torzeski Bad Weather Coming Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Close-Up Watercolor Regular
Minnie Valero Mother and Child Watercolor Mini
Susan Weinberg-Harter Colored Bottles Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard A Little Coaxing Mixed Media Regular
Angela Westengard Mazatlan Memories Acrylic Mini
Gay Weston NTC Building 18 - Looking Back Watercolor Regular Third Place
Susan Wormsley Jamon Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Smith Rock and the Crooked River, Central Oregon Watercolor Regular
Jami Wright Torrey Pines Spring Watercolor Mini Alt
Ayue Zhang La Jolla Sonata Watercolor Regular Alt