Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2017 May - "Budding Art"

Carol Mansfield, Juror

113 Accepted (including 10 alternates) from 199 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Julie Anderson Stepping Out Mixed Media Mini
Julie Anderson Anticipating Arrival, II Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Lois Athearn As It Was Watercolor Regular
Lois Athearn Puff Pastry Watercolor Mini
Marty Atwell Reverie Mixed Media Regular
Drew Bandish Bairn's Cottage Watercolor Regular
Nell Bartlett Unafraid Mixed Media Regular
Kayo Beach Cyclamin Watercolor Regular
Lori Chase Nature's Abstract Watercolor Regular Alt
Keming Chen Catch Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Corgi Watercolor Mini Best of Miniatures
Elsimae Cleeton Storm's Coming Watercolor Regular
So Cummins Fjord 2 Watercolor Mini
So Cummins River Cruise Watercolor Regular
Jessie Davenport Chefchaouen's Blue Brilliance Watercolor Regular
Pat Dispenziere Resting Watercolor Mini
Pat Dispenziere The Play of Light IX Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Roberta Dyer Where Have You Been? Watercolor Regular
Claudia Ehrenfeld Sunflowers, Again Watercolor Regular
Shirley Elswick Little Joe Watercolor Mini Alt
Shirley Elswick Deep In Thought Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco Bienvenido Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco Hang On Watercolor Mini
Christina Fries-Miller View From My Studio Watercolor Regular
Michael Garberick Family Farmers on the Prairie Watercolor Regular
Joanne Garner Recycle Garden Watercolor Regular Alt
Vi Gassman Butterfly 2 Mixed Media Regular
Vi Gassman The Dance Watercolor Mini
Janet Gilliland February Camellias Watercolor Regular Best of Theme
Richard Glassman Beach Morning Acrylic Regular
Sue Gold Lagoon Watercolor Regular
Kathy Harder Roping the Evening Sky Watercolor Regular
Carol A. Harris The Rose E'er Blooming Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Elaine Harvey Contemplation Mixed Media Regular
Elaine Harvey Homecoming Mixed Media Mini
Mike Hefner HWY 79 Revisited Watercolor Regular
Charles Held Amid Flowers Watercolor Mini
Susan Hewitt Hot Tamales Watercolor Regular
Royce Hinson Roses Are Redish Watercolor Regular
Royce Hinson Days End Watercolor Mini Alt
Betty Hock Impulsive Acrylic Mini
Betty Hock Natural Divide #2 Acrylic Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Fiesta Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Dave Howell Break in the Weather Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Anne Hutchison Lake Racing in Michigan Watercolor Regular
Barbara James Spring in Yosemite Watercolor Regular
Nicholas Jordan English Harbor at Low Tide Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Star of India Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Small Talk Watercolor Mini
Diane Kalt Roberto Watercolor Regular
Susan Keith Fruit of the Vine Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Keith Crystal and Roses Watercolor Regular First Place
Robert Kelly Echos Watercolor Mini
Ann Keyes Blue Moon Watercolor Regular
Ralph Kingery Prickly Baby Watercolor Regular
Ralph Kingery Aloes Watercolor Mini
Harriet Lisak Jolene Mixed Media Mini
Elena Lomakin Spring Nocturne #1 Mixed Media Mini
Lorri Lynch The Cobalt Vase Watercolor Regular
Marcella Martin Soft Arrival Watercolor Regular
Rebecca McCullough Waterlilies Mixed Media Regular
Rebecca McCullough Three Roses Mixed Media Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Joan McKasson Flower Garden Color Watercolor Regular
Joan McKasson Southwest Images Mixed Media Mini
Vykki Mende Gray The Tower Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Rakes and Broom Watercolor Mini
Joan Merrick Gaze Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Marion Mettler Layers No. 35 (Threesome) Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
James Q. Millard Walkin' the Park Watercolor Regular
Christine Mose Sophie Learns Stay Watercolor Regular
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Two Watercolor Regular
Judy Pike Alisa Z. Mixed Media Mini
Judy Pike Revisiting Wendy Mixed Media Regular
Maureen Price Zen Garden Mixed Media Regular Alt
Maureen Price Amongst the Trees Mixed Media Mini
Joetta Ragland Springtime Watercolor Mini Alt
Jane Riles Inner Journey V Mixed Media Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Pick and Choose Mixed Media Regular
Carolyn Robertson Enchanted Forest Watercolor Regular
Mary Scarborough Eventide Bluffs Watercolor Regular
Shinja Scheidnes Multiple Chimneys, NM Watercolor Mini
Kathleen Scoggin Ridge Line Mixed Media Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Coastline Watercolor Mini
Sandra Seckington Canyon de Chelly - White House Ruins Watercolor Regular
Sandra Seckington Desert Roses 3 Watercolor Mini
Sharon Sheehan Dordogne, France Watercolor Mini
Beatrice Shushan Now We See It ... Watercolor Regular
Jean Silva Spring In All Simplicity Watercolor Mini
Jean Silva It Arose a Perfect Bird Acrylic Regular Third Place
Ann Slater Artist Viewpoint Mixed Media Mini
Ann Slater Disturbed Parrot Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Viet Nam On Stilts Watercolor Mini
Bill Snowman Guardians Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino Madam B 2 Series Mixed Media Regular
Vita Sorrentino The Juggler Acrylic Mini
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 254, PRICELINE.COM Mixed Media Regular
Ski Torzeski California Morning Watercolor Regular
Minnie Valero Le Port Doree Watercolor Regular
Minnie Valero Prague, Pruhonitzer Park Watercolor Mini
Lydia Velarde Euric and Friends Watercolor Regular
Lydia Velarde Garden Boy Watercolor Mini
Karen Vincent Wildflower Blur at El Cielo Watercolor Regular
Astrid Edel Walter Peek A Boo Watercolor Regular Alt
Cristine Weatherby Outta the Pub Watercolor Regular Second Place
Susan Weinberg-Harter Desert Sunflowers Watercolor Regular
Angela Westengard A Spiritual Pause Watercolor Regular
Gay Weston Bird of Paradise #2 Watercolor Regular
Gay Weston Gems of the Sea Watercolor Mini
Bonnie Woods See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Susan Wormsley Highway 1 Watercolor Regular
Susan Wormsley Mission Trails Acrylic Mini Alt
Jami Wright Adobe and Cactus Watercolor Regular
Jami Wright Sunset Solitude Watercolor Mini Alt