Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2018 September "Out of the Box" Experimental Show $150 Burridge Cash Award

Daniel Foster, Juror

114 Accepted (including 17 alternates) from 263 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Ane Agostini Stranded in Alaska Watercolor Regular
Julie Anderson Concern Mixed Media Regular
Julie Anderson Waiting and Wondering II, study Mixed Media Mini
Craig Anderson Looking for Shade Watercolor Regular Alt
Marty Atwell Deep Purple Acrylic Mini
Marty Atwell Nouveau Dreams III Mixed Media Regular
Andrea Ausland Swallows Acrylic Mini
Drew Bandish Convoluted Floral Watercolor Mini Alt
Nell Bartlett Trying to Connect Mixed Media Regular
Beverly Berwick Triumphant Horses of Constantinople Mixed Media Regular
Susan Binford Bovine Matters Acrylic Mini
Susan Binford Organic Disarray Acrylic Regular
Lynette Bredow In the Shelter of My Wings Watercolor Regular
Joan Captain Ta Da! Mixed Media Mini
Mary Compton Falling Water Mixed Media Regular
Pat Crowl Aquilla Watercolor Mini
Pat Crowl Flying Home Mixed Media Regular
Jessie Davenport Point Loma Lighthouse Watercolor Regular
Cheryl Dicus The Resting Place Watercolor Regular Alt
Patricia Dispenziere Awaiting Renovation Watercolor Mini
Linda A. Doll Morning Walk Watercolor Regular
Linda Drake Copper Lights Acrylic Regular
Linda Drake Ebbtide Acrylic Mini
Carolyn Dubuque Sharing Mixed Media Regular
Roberta Dyer Rethinking Mixed Media Regular
Roberta Dyer Goldilocks Mixed Media Mini
Ronald Edwards Suite Retreat Watercolor Regular
Hiroko Fisher Sunset Silhouette Watercolor Regular
Tova Galgut Summer Dreams Mixed Media Mini Alt
Tova Galgut Bonded Mixed Media Regular Alt
Michael Garberick Mission Mixed Media Regular
Vi Gassman Crosswalk II Mixed Media Regular
Glory Giffin Racing the Storm Mixed Media Regular
Janet Gilliland The Way All Beauty Must Go Watercolor Regular
Richard Glassman Somewhere in Colorado Acrylic Regular
Sheila Greer Metamorphosis Acrylic Regular
Sheila Greer Alchemy Acrylic Mini
Elaine Harvey Coming to Light Mixed Media Regular
Elaine Harvey The Bug Mixed Media Mini Alt
Royce Hinson Legal Alien Watercolor Regular
Betty Hock Golden Edge Acrylic Mini
Bella Hollingworth The Magic Garden Watercolor Mini
Bella Hollingworth Paternal Love Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt The Visitor Mixed Media Mini
Susan Mae Hull Yosemite Valley in Snow Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Harbor Morning Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez La Jolla Cove Watercolor Mini Alt
Alice Kayuha Jungle Beat Mixed Media Regular
Susan Keith Leaves Through The Forest Mixed Media Mini
Susan Keith Beside Still Waters Watercolor Regular
Pat Killeen Free Wheeling Acrylic Regular
Pat Killeen Call Me Ed Acrylic Mini
Sandie Linn When Bad Portraits Become Cats Mixed Media Regular
Lorri Lynch Concentric Tree Ring Watercolor Regular Alt
Lorri Lynch Counting Sheep III Watercolor Mini
Carol Mansfield Flight Acrylic Regular
Marcella Martin On the Old Gum Tree Watercolor Mini
Rebecca McCullough Good Day, Sunshine Mixed Media Regular
Rebecca McCullough From Dusk to Dawn Mixed Media Mini
Chuck McPherson Dome of Knowledge Watercolor Regular
Mary McWilliams It's a Bird Watercolor Mini
Vykki Mende Gray Back Country Flea Market Watercolor Regular
Marion Mettler Double Shadows Mixed Media Regular
Diane Moore Into the Woods Mixed Media Regular
Debbie Moore Blue Hawaii Watercolor Regular Alt
Annalise Neil Genesis Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Abstract #314 Acrylic Mini
Joanne Newman Think Pink Mixed Media Regular
Joanne Newman Why Not Acrylic Mini
Nancy Oleksa Father Time Watercolor Regular
Lorraine Page Ascending Desire Acrylic Regular
Lorraine Page A-List Mixed Media Regular
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Dad's Favorite Roses Watercolor Regular
Judy Pike Yellow Dress Mixed Media Mini
Judy Pike MsJ7:Cirque Performer Mixed Media Regular
Maureen Price Untamed Watercolor Regular Alt
Barbara Raub Plantasia Mixed Media Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Searching For The Bright Side Mixed Media Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Never Too Late Acrylic Mini
Cynthia Roach Crazy Hair Day Mixed Media Mini
Gail Rogers Summer's Gift Acrylic Mini Alt
Gail Rogers Hydrangea Acrylic Regular
Mary Ann Rogers # Me Too Watercolor Mini
Shinja Scheidnes Dancing Mobiles Watercolor Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Woodland Whisper Mixed Media Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Midnight Mandate Mixed Media Mini Alt
Sandra Seckington Royal Stretch Watercolor Regular
Marilyn Shayegan Red Tide Acrylic Regular
Alicia Siegler Open Space Acrylic Regular
Jean Silva Into the Fields Mixed Media Regular Alt
Jean Silva Morning Inspiration Mixed Media Alt
Abbyann Sisk The Gathering Watercolor Mini
Ann Slater Goatee Mixed Media Mini
Ann Slater Nude in Repose II Mixed Media Regular
Michael Smerdon Native Watercolor Mini
Lera Baker Smith Three O'Clock in the Morning Watercolor Regular
Mark Smith Maui Motion Watercolor Mini
Mark Smith Threes Acrylic Regular
Vita Sorrentino Sienna Woods Acrylic Mini
Carolyn Sullivan Flight Acrylic Mini Alt
Sarah Sullivan That Colorado Flow Watercolor Regular Alt
Terry Thedell Little Chef Watercolor Regular
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 269, AMAZON.COM Mixed Media Regular
Ski Torzeski Above the Timber Line Watercolor Regular
Joyce Trinh Michelle Watercolor Mini Alt
Joyce Trinh Solitude Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Mama Mia Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Half Watercolor Mini
Astrid Edel Walter Happy Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter In the Bathroom Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard Dreams About Tomorrow Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Woods Dark Angel Mixed Media Regular
Bonnie Woods Poppies on the Brain Mixed Media Mini
Susan Wormsley Julian Summer Hills Acrylic Mini