Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2017 September - "Art Anatomized" (Experimental Show) Burridge Cash Award, $150

Rise Parberry, Juror

112 Accepted (including 13 alternates) from 266 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Julie Anderson Coming or Going?, sketch Mixed Media Mini
Julie Anderson Too Loud Mixed Media Regular Third Place
Mary Anderson Jungle Fever Mixed Media Regular Second Place
Craig Anderson Headed Out Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Drew Bandish Lost Boundary Watercolor Regular
Nell Bartlett The Journey Acrylic Regular Best of Theme
David Basta Martha Watercolor Regular
Beverly Berwick Spirit of the Far North Watercolor Regular
Susan Binford Patient Heron Acrylic Regular
Gerald Bischoff Country Spire Watercolor Regular
Sylvia Boulware The Drawbridge Watercolor Mini
Beverly Brady Monster Cloud Watercolor Regular
Lynette Bredow Zebra of Many Colors Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Keming Chen Pray Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Labrador Watercolor Mini
Jean Coombs Bridge to Nowhere Watercolor Mini Alt
Jean Coombs Happy Birthday Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Pat Crowl Floral Fragments Acrylic Mini
So Cummins Self Portrait Watercolor Mini
Jessie Davenport Point Loma Wildflowers Watercolor Mini
Roberta Dyer Summer Happy Acrylic Mini
Roberta Dyer Breakfast, Anyone? Mixed Media Regular
Claudia Ehrenfeld Lillima Mixed Media Regular
Shirley Elswick Pure Gold Watercolor Regular Alt
Sharon Feingold Heather-Hearted Watercolor Regular
Thomas Franco Follow Me Acrylic Regular Honorable Mention
Thomas Franco Italia Watercolor Mini
Michael Garberick How It's Done Watercolor Regular
Vi Gassman Waltz Mixed Media Regular
Richard Glassman Double Portrait with Tilley Acrylic Regular First Place
Toni Hanson Pear Tree Watercolor Regular
Susan Hewitt Waiting Game Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Royce Hinson The Thespian Watercolor Regular
Royce Hinson Going Left is OK Watercolor Mini Alt
Betty Hock Keeping A Secret Acrylic Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Angelic Blooms Watercolor Mini
Wanda Honeycutt Nouveau Mixed Media Regular
Dave Howell Secret Spot Watercolor Regular
Dave Howell Tropical Dream Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Mae Hull Now You See Me... Watercolor Regular
Roberto Jaramillo Stride of Autumn Watercolor Regular
Roberto Jaramillo Envoy of the East Watercolor Mini
Nicholas Jordan California Shipyard Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez Del Mar Fair 2017 Watercolor Regular
Diane Kalt Lacey Watercolor Regular
Susan Keith South of the Border Color Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Keith With Age Comes Patina Watercolor Regular
Pat Killeen Rocky Road Acrylic Regular Alt
Pat Killeen Self Portrait Acrylic Mini
Roberta Labastida Bob Turns Domestic Watercolor Regular
Sandie Linn The Art of Allergies Mixed Media Regular
Harriet Lisak Deep in Thought Watercolor Regular
Elena Lomakin Much Nicer with Weeds #2 Mixed Media Regular
Elena Lomakin Bare Trees are Beautiful Too Mixed Media Mini
Lorri Lynch Spinning Wheel Watercolor Regular
Carol Mansfield Full-Sheet-Folded Acrylic Mini
Carol Mansfield Protest Acrylic Regular Honorable Mention
Marilyn Marlow Illusory Reflections Watercolor Regular
Marcella Martin Lulu - Shower Watercolor Regular
James McCann Purple Shamrocks Watercolor Regular
James McCann Frankie's Boots Watercolor Mini Alt
Rebecca McCullough Morgan Mixed Media Regular
Rebecca McCullough Taking Flight Mixed Media Mini Alt
Chuck McPherson Creative Confessional Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Bridge to the Past, and to the Future Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Last Beach Day of Summer Watercolor Mini
Marion Mettler Lean in Grays Mixed Media Regular
Annalise Neil Up From Below Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Carolyn Nespolo Nocturnal Spring Pear Acrylic Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Rise Up Acrylic Mini
Janet Perkin Dream Mixed Media Mini
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Doctor Mark W. Roberts Watercolor Regular
Judy Pike Zara Mixed Media Regular
Judy Pike Jennifer in the Flowers Mixed Media Mini Best of Miniatures
Maureen Price Chyna Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price Urban Sculpture Watercolor Mini Alt
Nancy Rizzardi Teal Trio Acrylic Mini
Nancy Rizzardi Date Night Mixed Media Regular
Carolyn Robertson I Know the Secret Watercolor Mini
Gail Rogers Winter Melting Mixed Media Regular
June Rubin Roma Watercolor Mini
Shinja Scheidnes Dreaming Watercolor Regular Alt
Shinja Scheidnes Not so Lonely Acrylic Mini Alt
Kathleen Scoggin Fant A Sea Mixed Media Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Street Song Mixed Media Mini
Jean Silva Thrones Grove Mixed Media Regular
Ann Slater Falstaff Mixed Media Mini
Ann Slater A Hawk's View Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Costa Rica - Slickchicks Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Palm SpringsTwist Mixed Media Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Bill Snowman Sunday Waffles Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino Una Fascia D'Oro Mixed Media Mini
Sarah Sullivan Shade Mixed Media Mini
Sarah Sullivan Between In and Out Mixed Media Regular
Sarah Sullivan Sweet Caroline Mixed Media Regular Alt
Norman Tancioco Gone Viral Acrylic Regular
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 258, SOUTHWESTAIRLINES.COM Mixed Media Regular
Ski Torzeski Truth Watercolor Regular
Joyce Trinh Peony Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Tambourine Queen Watercolor Regular
Minnie Valero La Clef Mixed Media Regular
Astrid Edel Walter On The Rocks VI Watercolor Regular
Cathryn Ward Around the Block Watercolor Mini
Cathryn Ward At Break of Day Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter The Field Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter Rocky Forest Bank Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard The Abyss Mixed Media Mini Alt
Bonnie Woods Incognito I Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Woods Circus in My Blood Watercolor Mini
Susan Wormsley Monument Valley Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Jami Wright Thinking Rocks Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Northern Nightfall Watercolor Regular