Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2018 August - "Symbolic Suggestions"

Stan Kurth, Juror

113 Accepted (including 15 alternates) from 211 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Marsha Alexander The Docent Mixed Media Regular Alt
Julie Anderson So Boring, study Mixed Media Mini
Julie Anderson Second Thoughts Mixed Media Regular
Lois Athearn The Chess Room Watercolor Regular
Drew Bandish Lakeside Four in One Watercolor Regular Alt
Nell Bartlett Perservere Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Kayo Beach My Sweetie Watercolor Mini
Beverly Berwick Lynx Brothers Watercolor Regular
Susan Binford Off We Go! Mixed Media Regular
Lynette Bredow In the Shelter of My Wings Watercolor Regular
Joan Captain Sunset Cliffs Arch Watercolor Regular
Joan Captain Beach Boys - OB 2018 Mixed Media Mini
Gloria Chadwick Now What? Watercolor Mini Alt
Keming Chen Palace Museum, China 2 Watercolor Regular
Keming Chen Tiger, Thailand Watercolor Mini
Jean Coombs Beach Scene Mixed Media Mini
Shirley Covey Cosmic Chaos Watercolor Regular
Pat Crowl Laying in the Land Mixed Media Mini
Pat Crowl Alone Together Mixed Media Regular
Jessie Davenport Point Loma Lighthouse Watercolor Regular
Pat Dispenziere A View Inside Watercolor Regular
Linda Doll Bag Ladies Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Dubuque At Play Acrylic Regular
Carolyn Dubuque On My Way Mixed Media Mini Best of Miniatures
Roberta Dyer Gangsta Mixed Media Regular First Place
Ronald Edwards Safe Mooring Watercolor Regular
Ronald Edwards Tranquil Morning Watercolor Mini Alt
Thomas Franco Flights of Fancy Watercolor Mini
Thomas Franco Mission Trails Anew Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Christina Fries-Miller Looking for Turtles Watercolor Regular
Michael Garberick Brothers Watercolor Regular
Glory Giffin OB Bubbleman Mixed Media Regular
Glory Giffin Garden Wall Mixed Media Mini
Richard Glassman A Friend of Tim Acrylic Regular Second Place
Sue Zinngrabe Gold World Acrylic Mini
Debby Hamann Broke Mixed Media Regular Alt
Carol Harris After the Good Meal Watercolor Regular
Carol Harris Elephant Blues Watercolor Mini
Mike Hefner In the Shadow of HWY 1 Watercolor Regular
Gloria Henderson Focus! Watercolor Mini
Gloria Henderson My Quiet Friend Watercolor Regular
Susan Hewitt My Father's Shears Mixed Media Regular Best of Theme
Royce Hinson Thats Just How It Is Watercolor Regular
Royce Hinson A Gray Day Watercolor Mini Alt
Betty Hock Golden Rhythm Acrylic Regular
Bella Hollingworth Rocky Rest Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Amore Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Luminous Burd Mixed Media Mini
Nicholas Jordan Fresh Fish Watercolor Regular
Luis Juarez San Diego Sky View Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Luis Juarez Xochimilco, Mexico Watercolor Mini
Diane Kalt Steve Watercolor Regular
Edward Kane Lorraine Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Keith Once Upon A Tea Time Watercolor Regular
Peg Klinger Many Ways to Cross Watercolor Regular
Shuang Li Tuscany Shower, Italy Watercolor Regular
Shuang Li Summer Picks #2 - Happy Yellow Watercolor Mini
Sandie Linn Come to the Cabaret Watercolor Mini
Harriet Lisak Day Dreamer Acrylic Regular
Lorri Lynch Walk This Way Watercolor Regular
Lorri Lynch Shaded Watercolor Mini
Carol Mansfield Sky Dance Acrylic Regular
Marcella Martin The Egyptian (Ibis) Watercolor Regular Third Place
Rebecca McCullough Ready to Ride Mixed Media Mini
Joan McKasson Sunset Matilijas Watercolor Regular
Chuck McPherson Who's Been Painting My Roses Red? Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray The Butterfly Garden is Next Door Watercolor Mini
Vykki Mende Gray Mission Carmel Watercolor Regular
Marion Mettler Shadows Mixed Media Regular
Christine Mose Practicing the Lost Art Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Linda Mullen White and Pink Watercolor Mini
Terri Nelson Left Out of the Conversation Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Nespolo When Water Pumps Go Bad Acrylic Regular Honorable Mention
Carolyn Nespolo Abstract #311 Acrylic Mini
Roz Oserin City Living Watercolor Regular
Maureen Price Above & Beyond Watercolor Mini
Maureen Price Simply Red Watercolor Regular
Bonnie Rinier Robin in Paper Birch Tree Singing Watercolor Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Mammoth Rising Acrylic Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Follow Your Heart Acrylic Mini Alt
Cynthia Roach Betty Watercolor Mini
Mary Ann Rogers #Me Too Watercolor Mini
Linda Rucker Feather Monkeys Watercolor Regular Alt
Kathleen Scoggin Celebration Watercolor Regular
Kathleen Scoggin Into The Black II Acrylic Mini
Sandra Seckington Royal Stretch Watercolor Regular Alt
Alicia Siegler Back Street Bikes Watercolor Regular
Mary Sievers Shadows of the Night Acrylic Regular Honorable Mention
Jean Silva Quieting Away Acrylic Regular
Jean Silva Passing By Mixed Media Mini
Abbyann Sisk Life on Mars Watercolor Regular
Susanne Slater Idaho Farm Watercolor Regular
Ann Slater Mop Head Mixed Media Mini
Mark Smith Careening in Pedro Watercolor Regular
Kay Smith Mendocino Houses Watercolor Regular
Vita Sorrentino Dreamscape Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Vita Sorrentino A Bridge Too Far Watercolor Mini
Robin St. Louis Day is Done Watercolor Regular
Norman Tancioco Micro Fuel Cell Reaction Acrylic Regular
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 268, TESLA.COM Mixed Media Regular
Christa Thurber It Rose Watercolor Regular Alt
Ski Torzeski Kitchen Creek Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Beverly Tuzin Basque Singers Watercolor Regular
Beverly Tuzin Half Watercolor Mini Alt
Cristine Weatherby She's a Beauty! Watercolor Regular
Susan Weinberg-Harter Up on the Mountain Watercolor Mini
Angela Westengard A Priest in Nepal Watercolor Regular
Angela Westengard An Innocent Spirit Watercolor Mini Alt
Bonnie Woods South by Southwest Watercolor Regular
Susan Wormsley A Tuscan Stroll Watercolor Mini Alt
Susan Wormsley Gerano Watercolor Regular
Jami Wright Northwest Eventide Watercolor Regular Alt
Jami Wright Fiery Renewal Mixed Media Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures