Current Exhibition Accepted List

2021 April "Color Zone" Member Exhibition

Richard Hawk, Juror

100 Accepted (including 0 alternates) from 255 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Edward Abrams 2020 Watercolor
Edward Abrams What? Watercolor
Marsha Alexander Entanglements Watercolor
Nancy Anderson Not Again Watercolor
Julie Anderson Restless Mixed Media
Donna Arnaudoff Fortified Glory Watercolor
Lois Athearn Spools of Color Watercolor
Drew Bandish Navy Wake Watercolor
Nell Bartlett Towards the Light Mixed Media
Nell Bartlett Baby Blues Watercolor
Gordon Bashant The Del Watercolor
Linda Bienhoff Coronado Bay Bridge Watercolor
Veronique Branger A Secluded Oasis Acrylic
Gloria Chadwick 3 Seadragons Watercolor
Keming Chen Toy Poodle 2 Watercolor
Bin Crow White Roses Watercolor
So Cummins Walk Watercolor
Carolina Dealy Beating the Heat Watercolor
Cheryl Dicus Mr. Pig Watercolor
Linda Ericksen Orchids for Sale Watercolor
Thomas Franco Where're the Damn Brakes? Watercolor
Thomas Franco Palamino Ridge Watercolor
Nancy Frey Emerging Mixed Media
Nancy Frey I’ll Drink to That Mixed Media
Michael Garberick Sunrise Highway Watercolor
Glory Giffin Gift of Joy Watercolor
Glory Giffin Third and Ivy - San Diego Watercolor
Sonja Glassman Looking for Light Watercolor
Richard Glassman Janice's Window Acrylic
Richard Glassman In the Cactus Garden Acrylic
Stan Goudey View From Las Olas Acrylic
Stan Goudey Switch Engine Watercolor
Martha Grim Colorful Girl Watercolor
Linda Hammond I Can't Help Falling Mixed Media
Elaine Harvey Dancing Dreams Mixed Media
Gloria Henderson Reflections Watercolor
Susan Hewitt Tuscany Post Watercolor
Wanda Honeycutt Ancient Wisdom with Futuristic Infusion Watercolor
Wanda Honeycutt Intuitive Formation Mixed Media Mini
Luis Juarez Dos Guitaras Watercolor
Luis Juarez Ocean Beach Watercolor
Susan Keith Picked From The Garden Watercolor
Susan Keith Blue Plated Pears Watercolor
Alannah Kern Peak Moment Watercolor
Vera Knowles Sanctuary Watercolor
Harriet Lisak Walking in the Wind Mixed Media
Elena Lomakin Flamenco Mixed Media
Marcella Martin Misty Morn Watercolor
Rebecca McCullough Roadtrip into the Rockies Mixed Media
Chuck McPherson Horse of Lascaux Mixed Media
Mary McWilliams Homage Watercolor
Vykki Mende Gray Door and Window Watercolor
Ann Miller Welcome Spring! Watercolor
Jan Min Tromsø.. Watercolor
Jan Min Summer Glow Watercolor
Susan Monte Drive Through Light Show Watercolor
Kathleen Mooney Monolith Arrival Mixed Media
Terri Nelson Serenity Annette Island, Alaska Watercolor
Joanne Newman Flower Pot 1 Mixed Media
Roz Oserin Medallion #5 Mixed Media
Roz Oserin Medallion #3 Mixed Media
Irena Noreikaite Petraitiene Wild Sunflower Watercolor
Barbara Raub Above All, Love Mixed Media
Nancy Rizzardi Petal Power Acrylic
Nancy Rizzardi Raspberry Ridge Acrylic
Cynthia Roach Bouquet Mixed Media
Cynthia Roach Magic Mixed Media
Carla Scheidlinger Grandfather of the Bride Watercolor
Kathleen Scoggin Slow Burn Acrylic Mini
Kathleen Scoggin Windy Night Acrylic
Marilyn Ann Shayegan Mohammad Watercolor
Sharon Sheehan House and Garden Mixed Media
Alicia Siegler I Do Watercolor
Jean Silva The Red Vine Mixed Media
Lynn Slade Blue Pier Watercolor
Susanne Slater Zack Acrylic
Ann Slater Let It Be Mixed Media
Sylvia Smith Shelter Island Watercolor
Vita Sorrentino Down Under Mixed Media
Vita Sorrentino Madam B 3 Watercolor
Robin St.Louis Escape from the News Watercolor
Gabriel Stockton Feeding the Chickens Watercolor
Gabriel Stockton Oceanside Harbor Watercolor
Sarah Sullivan The King of Spring Resists Watercolor
Sarah Sullivan Waves of Existence Mixed Media
Deborah Swan-McDonald Binary Code Breakdown Watercolor
Deborah Swan-McDonald The Dreamer Watercolor
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 290, NASA.COM (Perseverance, Integrity on Mars!) Mixed Media
Christa Thurber Quiet View Watercolor Mini
Beverly Tuzin Tea Time Watercolor
Minnie Valero Reflection Time Watercolor
Stephanie Van de Wetering Special Delivery Watercolor
Astrid Edel Walter A Dream Of Sunshine Watercolor
Susan Weinberg-Harter Wind Blown Watercolor
Susan Weinberg-Harter Bouquet Watercolor
Angela Westengard The Ghostly Diver Watercolor
Angela Westengard The Maidenhead Watercolor
Gay Weston The Eyes Have It Watercolor
Susan Wormsley View From Pine Hills Watercolor
Jami Wright Forest Greens and Cool Cascades Watercolor