Current Show Accepted and Awarded

2017 November - "H20 Portrayals" Linda Doll Cash Award Show, $1000

Linda Doll, Juror

116 Accepted (including 14 alternates) from 269 Entries

Artist Name Title Medium Size Comments
Ane Agostini The Alaskan Red Snapper That Didn't Get Away Watercolor Regular
Julie Anderson Spellbound, sketch Mixed Media Mini
Julie Anderson No Worries Mixed Media Regular
Craig Anderson Window Washers Watercolor Regular
Lois Athearn Passion Fruit Watercolor Mini Alt
Lois Athearn Chillin' Watercolor Regular
Marty Atwell Happiness Is II Mixed Media Regular
Drew Bandish Splashy Zone Watercolor Regular
Nell Bartlett The Solution Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Gordon Bashant Bahama Jama Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
David Basta Lara Watercolor Mini
Rebecca Bauer In The Beginning Mixed Media Regular First Place
Beverly Berwick An Afternoon on Puffin Island Watercolor Regular
Sylvia Boulware Overlook Watercolor Mini
Sandra Bray Determined Watercolor Regular
Gloria Chadwick Reef Dwellers Watercolor Regular
Lori Chase Tangy Watercolor Regular Alt
Keming Chen Monarch with Flowers Watercolor Regular Alt
Keming Chen Explain Everything Watercolor Mini
Mary Sue Compton Remembering Kauai's Waterfalls Watercolor Regular
Mary Sue Compton Borrego Thicket Watercolor Mini
Jean Coombs A Walk in the Woods Watercolor Regular
Barbara Gorman Crawford Cozy Thriller Watercolor Regular
So Cummins Aloha Watercolor Mini Alt
Jessie Davenport Sea Spray Watercolor Regular
Linda Doll Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Dubuque What A Party! Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Carolyn Dubuque Daphene Mixed Media Mini
Roberta Dyer Dear Rachel Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Roberta Dyer Is That You, Polly? Mixed Media Mini
Kathleen Eichler Golden Memories Watercolor Regular Best of Theme
Robin Erickson Morningside Eucalyptus Watercolor Regular Second Place
Lorraine Eustice Morning Shadows Watercolor Regular
Sharon Feingold Dancing in the Moonlight Acrylic Regular
Michael Garberick The Joke Watercolor Regular
Glory Giffin Chopped Cabbage Watercolor Mini
Glory Giffin Top of the Station Watercolor Regular Alt
Richard Glassman Two Dappled Women Acrylic Regular
Michael Griggs Yertle Watercolor Mini Alt
Elaine Harvey Aspen Breezes Watercolor Regular
Elaine Harvey Beachbirds Mixed Media Mini
Dottie Hayes Last of Fall Watercolor Regular
Mike Hefner Towards Glen Canyon Watercolor Mini
Charles Held Demo Master Watercolor Regular
Charles Held Bela2 Watercolor Mini
Susan Hewitt H.D. Working Stiff Watercolor Regular
Royce Hinson Fruit Tree Orchard...Apl.Org.Cher.Plum. Watercolor Regular
Betty Hock Upstaging Acrylic Regular
Bella Hollingworth Stir-Fry Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt A Bold Stroke Watercolor Regular
Wanda Honeycutt Enlightened Fish Mixed Media Mini
Barbara James Swirling Koi Watercolor Regular Alt
Judy Janc Mud Watercolor Mini
Luis Juarez Mexico City Watercolor Mini
Luis Juarez Balboa Park From Downtown Watercolor Regular
Susan Keith Tisket-A-Tasket, Pumpkins In A Basket Watercolor Mini
Susan Keith Hometown Watercolor Memories Watercolor Regular
Robert Kelly Bathtub Rock Watercolor Mini Alt
Ralph Kingery Cleft Rock, Oak Canyon Watercolor Regular
Shuang Li Crashing Onto Shore Watercolor Regular
Shuang Li Lady in Red Watercolor Mini
Harriet Lisak Knowing Watercolor Mini Alt
Harriet Lisak Gaby Watercolor Regular Alt
Gayle Lyman Winter Approaches Watercolor Regular
Lorri Lynch Paddle Up! Watercolor Regular
Carol Mansfield Mischief Maker Acrylic Regular Juror Commendation
Carol Mansfield Harbor Acrylic Mini
Marcella Martin LOL Watercolor Regular
Rebecca McCullough Mission Beach Watercolor Mini
Joan McKasson Flower Garden Color Watercolor Regular Juror Commendation
Joan McKasson Night Flight Mixed Media Mini
Chuck McPherson Okinawa Moon Watercolor Regular
Vykki Mende Gray Hochani: Hopi Katsina Watercolor Mini
Vykki Mende Gray Spring Ranch, Mendocino Watercolor Regular
Marion Mettler Thrice Mixed Media Regular Honorable Mention
Christine Mose House Margarita, Large Watercolor Regular
Christine Mose Koi Cluster Watercolor Mini
Linda Mullen White Tulips Watercolor Mini
Linda Mullen Sundance Watercolor Regular
Annalise Neil Machinations Watercolor Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Moon Rising Acrylic Regular
Carolyn Nespolo Tractor Series #277 Acrylic Mini Best of Miniatures
Nancy Oleksa Another Peek at Rajeej Watercolor Mini Honorable Mention Miniatures
Gail Perry Splish Splash Watercolor Regular
Nancy Rizzardi Dreamscape Mixed Media Mini
Nancy Rizzardi Candy Cane Cove Watercolor Regular
Cynthia Roach Balloon Man Watercolor Mini
Carol Roberts Eastern Swallowtails Watercolor Regular
Shinja Scheidnes Cascade Watercolor Regular Alt
Kathleen Scoggin White Ice Watercolor Regular Honorable Mention
Marilyn Shayegan Dudah Watercolor Regular
Sharon Sheehan Sea Ranch Watercolor Mini
Phee Sherline Blue Lagoon Watercolor Regular Alt
Alicia Siegler Phoenix Rising Acrylic Regular
Mary Sievers Rising Tide Watercolor Regular Alt
Jean Silva Sooty Terns Acrylic Regular
Susanne Slater Arches of Balboa Park Watercolor Regular
Ann Slater Courting Cranes Mixed Media Regular
Mark Smith Dubrovnik Watercolor Regular
Mark Smith Venice Ants Watercolor Mini
Vita Sorrentino Vantage Point Mixed Media Regular
Robin St. Louis Last Light, Weekapaug Watercolor Regular
Sarah Sullivan Field Frip to the Lily Pond! Watercolor Mini
Norman Tancioco Polar Bear Melt Down Acrylic Regular
Carol Thomason Lines of Communication 259, ADOBESYSTEMS.COM Mixed Media Regular
Joyce Trinh Posie Watercolor Mini
Beverly Tuzin Bella Watercolor Regular
Denise Tverdoch Climbing Rose Acrylic Regular
Alice Vigil Preparing to Surface Watercolor Regular
Margaret Wallace San Dieguito Lagoon, CA Watercolor Mini
Astrid Edel Walter On the Rocks IX Watercolor Regular
Angela Westengard Morocco Morning Watercolor Mini Alt
Bonnie Woods We'll Always Have Paris Mixed Media Regular Third Place
Jami Wright Hawaiian Sails Watercolor Mini
Jami Wright Chimney Pipes of Edinburgh Watercolor Regular
Ayue Zhang Pumpkin Patch Watercolor Mini