Getting Involved

We hope you'll become a proud member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, one of the finest and most respected art societies in the entire country.  The secret to our success?  Committed and passionate members who work together to make it all happen.

What is it like to volunteer at SDWS?

Since they’re central to our operation, our member volunteers get a lot of support and recognition at SDWS.  They work alongside others to learn new tasks and for some roles, like staffing the front desk or serving on the Board of Directors, they receive training and a manual to guide them.

As with any organization, the members who contribute to the efforts of the whole get the most out of membership.  The benefits include:

  • Learning to know more about watercolor art
  • Picking up practical hints about framing and entering competitions
  • Meeting talented, inspiring artists and other art lovers
  • Acquiring new skills
  • Making new friends from diverse backgrounds
  • Feeling gratified that you’ve contributed to the art scene in San Diego
  • Being recognized as a dedicated SDWS volunteer at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

Volunteer Recognition

Each month SDWS membership celebrates the contributions of nominated volunteers with its Volunteer of the Month Program. All members can participate by completing a Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form and submitting it to an SDWS board member. The SDWS Board has established a committee to review the nominations and select each month's honoree. During the Monthly Members Meeting, the Volunteer of the Month will be presented with a Recognition Certificate and a gift certificate to Artists and Craftsman. Additionally, the honoree will be featured on website as well as have his or her photograph displayed in the SDWS Gallery. The criteria for selection as SDWS Volunteer of the Month is as follows:

  • Current active member of SDWS
  • Outstanding service to SDWS
  • High level of willingness to help other
  • Strong commitment to the mission of SDWS
  • Good relationships with those he/she works with and helps

The value and importance of SDWS Volunteers cannot be overstated. SDWS would simply cease to exist without the hard work and dedication of its volunteer workforce and leadership. Our Volunteer of the Month program allows every SDWS member the opportunity to recognize those that go above and beyond for SDWS.