Communication Team Volunteers

It is important that we communicate with our members, San Diego residents and visitors, and the artist community at-large.  In order to do this, we have a dedicated team of volunteers who work together to keep provide this necessary function.

Communications Director

Coordinates Communications Team to produce SDWS publicity, advertisements, quarterly newsletter and monthly eNewsletter.

Public Relations Assistant

Gathers information about each SDWS Monthly Show award winner and writes press releases which would include the award the artists won, information about their paintings, comments from the juror about the paintings, and in the case of submissions to local media, information about SDWS. 

eNewsletter Volunteers 

These team members gather/create content and distribute vital information to SDWS members via an electronic newsletter format. The eNewsletter reminds and informs SDWS members and others about near term SDWS activities, shows, events and news. This team assists the Board of Directors and department heads in communicating short lead time information to SDWS membership. These volunteers have the following roles and skills:

Social Media Manager(s)

SDWS needs volunteers to manage and monitor content on SDWS Facebook, Intagram, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media accounts.  Do you know your way around hashtags, Facebook public sharing and blog entries, or are you willing to learn? Then you may be a great fit for our Communications Team.  This team is focused on increasing community participation in SDWS shows, activities and events by raising awareness of SDWS through increasing our digital footprint in cyberspace. This person (or persons) will:

Anyone interested in any of these roles is asked to contact Gay Weston, Volunteer Director, at for more information.