Financial Development

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the survival of SDWS is dependent on various fund-raising activities throughout the year.  The programs we provide, along with the ability to have a first-class gallery that is open 5 days a week, year-round, are all made possible through the efforts of this creative and energetic team of volunteers. 

Grant Writing Team Member

Many of our programs at SDWS are made possible through various grants that we receive from governmental and charitable organizations.  We would not be able to continue our operation without these valuable resources, and they are all made possible by a talented and dedicated group of volunteers who write these grant proposals.  If you have experience in this field or enjoy writing or creating proposals, we need you!  Knowledge of SDWS is helpful, but not essential, as other team members have that knowledge. For more information, please contact SDWS Volunteer Director, Gay Weston at (619) 876-4550 or for further details on how to get started.

Fund Development Team Member

Requires knowledge or experience in helping with or organizing fund-raising events or activities to help support the mission of SDWS.  Requires creativity and a "can-do" attitude. Works closely with the Financial Development Director.

If you have had experience with these or any other method of financial development, and would like to help ensure that our programs and services continue, please contact SDWS Volunteer Director, Gay Weston, 619-876-4550, or for more information.