Juror Comments: June 2021 Members Show. “Violent Hues”, juror Bob Burridge

Juror Commendation
by Jean Silva

I have a thing for animated trees that dance. Also I enjoy unique and original points of view. The graphic design and gentle colors caught my attention.

Juror Commendation
“Plaza Hotel”
by Edward Abrams
I love the structural strength, the movement and one focal point. This painting is sweet!

Juror Commendation
“Luck of the Swallow” by Colleen Reynolds

Okay… I’m a sucker for paintings of birds. This one is a great one! It shows sensitivity, a delicateness and fragility of young birds. The opposition of the barbed wire caught my attention.

Juror Commendation
“Light Vessel Texel”
by Jan Min

And who doesn’t like paintings of boats? This one is a winner:  Striking color, design and simplicity. The craftsmanship is remarkable.

Juror Commendation
“Harbor Light”
by Geoffrey Allen

What I found compelling in this painting was the lighting and the time of day. It brought back very pleasant memories, walking on the marina. This image can be a cliché, but this artist made it more than it needed to be.

Honorable Mention
“Back in the Day: Sparkie’s Mom” by Vykki Mende Gray

This is such an honest portrait! The painting title communicates the artist’s vision through the diagonal composition and the stylized color. It’s a wow!

Honorable Mention
by Beverly Tuzin

I applaud the artist’s vision for this painting. The softness of the color and the viewpoint of the artist made this one memorable. This is a unique vision.

Honorable Mention
“Liberty Station Recital” by Nannette Farina

This is a sweet subject. The monochromatic feeling of this painting initially caught my eye – then the pink focal points made me smile and recall my own personal experience with my daughter. The artist very successfully told a story that connected with me.

Honorable Mention
by Nancy Frey

The portrait drew me in – her eyes and her delicate hand suggests a kind and feminine presence. The contrast of lights and darks is striking, but it is the spirit that made the strongest impression.

Honorable Mention, “3.14.2021“
by Stan Kurth

This painting has a fresh and unique vision, with a brush and also drawing tools. The colors are warm and comforting like butterscotch pudding… and I love the contrast of the face into the dark red. It looked like the artist had a good time making this piece – It’s beautiful.

Best of Theme
“Cool Beans”
by Stephanie Van de Wetering

I don’t know how this connects to “Violent Hues” but it made me smile! I like the storytelling, the angle of the composition and the personality of that wonderful dog! Love the communication.

Third Place
“Aspects of Aging (The Obsession)”
by Richard Glassman

I love the illustrative quality of this painting! The composition, design and color are aspects that I look for in a memorable painting – This one is a winner.

Second Place
“Happy Birthday” by Haesung Choi

Happy Birthday – I laughed as soon as I saw this painting. It is an uplifting and delightful image! Shows so much love for the subject matter. I like the high-key values – it works so well.

First Place
by Cynthia Roach

The shocking simplicity and delicateness of this painting made it memorable. I feel that “Friday” is a step forward in painting, and shows the painter’s imagination and skill.

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