Last PLCU Show for 2019

Have you ever wondered how the Point Loma Credit Union Special Show began? We asked Mary Sue Compton who champions this effort and here’s what she shared:

In 2013, Adriana Brunner, Business Development Manager for the Point Loma Credit Union (PLCU), contacted us to ask if we would like to partner with them. She explained that PLCU has a limited budget but lots of heart, and that they have a strong interest in art. Their over-arching goal was to work with local community organizations.

We set up a meeting with Adriana,  Deborah Clow (PLCU Branch Manager), Carmen Contreras (PLCU Business Development Specialist),  Beverly Berwick and me. As a result of our talks, it  was decided that SDWS would hang bi-monthy shows at the office on Sports Arena Blvd., and we would display our literature in the office. Also, PLCU would make modest monitary contributions to us!  We would organize and hang the shows, of course.  Bev and I decided this was a win/win for us!

We have been hanging shows at PLCU since January 2014. Each show is juried by one of our members, and all paintings are for sale. The show paintings are displayed on, and on PLCU’s website, We get  very positive feedback from the shows.  PLCU’s visitors and clients really enjoy our work!

We’re presently planning the next show, which is open to all San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS) members.  Paintings are entered online.  Standards for SDWS shows are observed, except for the age of the paintings–can be older than two years, and we respect their request to not display nudes.

We would love to have more entries, so please enter!  Online entry is open from Saturday, September 7 to Saturday, September 14.  The show will be hung at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 28.

This is wonderful PR for us because many of the people who visit PLCU did not previously know about SDWS. Now they do!

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