WFWS Announcement

“The San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS) is proud to announce that 28 of our member artists have been accepted into the 46th Western Federation of Watercolor Societies’ 2021 Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

SDWS members submitted 19% of the 829 entries, and have 28 of the 100 paintings accepted into the show!  Congratulations to you all, and to all of the SDWS artists who submitted their work to this Exhibition.

Four of our members will receive WFWS Signature status (3 acceptances) this year: Patricia Abraham, Beverly Berwick, Antoaneta Gieorgieva and Susan Keith. Kudos to you all.  Four artists (Deena Altman, Roberta Dyer, Richard Glassman and Ann Slater) now have 4 acceptances, and Susan Hewitt has 5.  Four of our accepted artists are now at the “Master’s” level, with eight or more acceptances by WFWS.  These include Elaine Harvey, Helen Hayes, Charles Rouse and Bonnie Woods.”   

– Ralph Kingery, SDWS Delegate to WFWS

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