In the News: Signature Artists

Congratulations to our Signature Artists who were accepted into the Fallbrook Art Center 12th Annual Signature Show opening February 13 through April 11 2021. This gallery is open. Treat yourself to an inspirational visit. Entry is $6 and the Opening Reception is $10.

114 Artists were accepted. 38 paintings by our Signature Artists are among them.  This means a third of the show is made up of our members. This speaks to the quality of our artists. 

Patricia Abraham

Deena Altman

Christine Alfery

Craig Anderson

Sean Barrett

Marnie Becker

Francesca Brayton

Angela Chang

Janice Cipriani-Willis

Kathleen Conover

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

Robin Erickson

Michael Gaberick

Richard Glassman

Ken Goldman

Stephanie Goldman

Tom Herbert

Shuang Li

Kim Johnson

Sue Johnston

Carol Mansfield

Chuck McPherson

Carol McSweeney

Robert Lee Mejer

Dean Mitchell

Pat Moseuk

Ted Nuttall

Gay Paratore

Charles Henry Rouse

John Salminen

Thomas  W. Schaller

George M. Schoonover

Susan Stullen

Robin St. Louis

Chris Weatherby

Margy West

Leslie Wilson

Zhang Xiaochang

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