Juror Comments December 2021 Members Show “Frozen in Time”

Juror: Scott W. Prior

Juror Commendations

by Edwin Tuazon
The painting has a solid design. I feel like I’m in the forest and could just walk up to the heron. Very nice work!


“My Favorite Toys”
by Ann Slater
I like the design, and how the toys shown are not like other still life paintings that are often kind of static and boring. This painting is not boring. It also has very nice colors.


“Pack O Pumpkin Sharks”
by Melodie Tune
This is just a fun painting, it feels wintery too; dark. I like the style, it feels really fun. I feel like I’m in the ocean with the sharks and all the other animals and fish.


Honorable Mentions

“Old Betsey”
by Joan Captain
Since I like to draw and paint cars myself, I was drawn to this one. Its strengths are in its values, and in the rendering which is  very nicely done. It is backlit, which is hard to do.


“Lake Murray Boat Dock”
by June Maxion
I really like the values and how loose the painting is. It feels like we are out at the lake. I like the design of it, especially the foreground with the dock and shrubs.


“Just A Barn”
by Edward Abrams
The design in this painting is great. It has a clean, Andrew Wyeth feel about it. Overall, it has good structure, values, and is crisp.


Best of Theme

“Bamboo Bridge ”
by Rebecca McMullough
This painting has a season, even for southern California. I like the sparkliness of it, and the design. It shows a night scene that really  feels wintery.


Honorable Mention, Miniatures

“Getting Ready (study)”
by Julie Anderson
I like that it’s drawn well, the values are great. It feels like some kid trying to learn how to skate which is like art, always learning new stuff. I also like the texture in it.


Best of Miniatures

“Madame Secretary”
by Ann Slater
I like the design and I love the pattern, it’s really different, it shows a psychedelic bird  with a real attitude.


Third Place

“Time Out”
by Michael Garberick
What’s not to like about this painting ?! It shows great drawing, and has a nice feeling to it. The monochromatic palette really gets the “time out” feeling.


Second Place

“Window at Rosendal II”
by Astrid Edel Walter
I like the design of this painting. The drawing is great, and so are the values. It is plain and simple, and beautifully backlit.


First Place

First Place
“Pedro Stucco”
by Mark Smith
I like the design of this painting.  The color is great, and the drawing is very original to the piece.


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