Juror Comments March 2022 Member Show

Go Paint!!! Juror Pierre Guidetti

Juror Commendations

by Edward Abrams
This artist’s wonderful technique works with the architectural patterns. When you mix the brushwork and texture together, the goldfinches just appear. It is a fun painting. The birds give attention, talking and singing to one another; and, with the balcony railing, Romeo and Juliet are brought to mind.
“Goldfinches” by Edward Abrams
“Who’s There?”
by Roberta Dyer
I noticed this painting right away. It almost looks somewhat unfinished, so you can finish it in your mind. Some things are left unknown, with the white paper left blank. It has elements of expressionism, with the 2 portraits, the richness of the background, the texture. It is a mysterious painting, and the portraits could be anyone you want them to be.
“Who’s There?” by Roberta Dyer
“Into the Rockies”
by Rebecca McCullough
I was intrigued by this painting from the beginning. With the unique and daring technique and the electrifying feeling of the sky and constellations, it is a very strong and powerful painting.
“Into the Rockies” by Rebecca McCullough

Honorable Mentions

“Down at Cliffs”
by Jean Silva
This work is emotionally pleasing, being well balanced,  realistic and representative of the shoreline, rocks and sea. But it also has a sense of abstraction. It is very fresh, and I like the use of the mixed media. Particularly in the fluidity of where the sky and sea meet, she uses the medium very well.
“Down at Cliffs” by Jean Silva
by Nell Bartlett
I like to celebrate the abstract. I have to spend more time in front of it to understand it, I like the composition, the making of marks, the texture, the layers, it could be a bunch of mini abstracts, it is almost like a composition of several painting, but they all meet together somehow. I feel there is some conceptual background behind this, a narrative.
“Invader” by Nell Bartlett
“The Way it Was Before”
by Julie Anderson
I think the subject is cool, as the artist goes outside of the usual box to paint feet, which is uncommon. She takes a risk, and goes with an awkward subject, and I celebrate that. I like the technique that I can’t describe, and I want to understand it better. It is a very original piece, with subject, technique, rendering and composition. It just works!
“The Way it Was Before” by Julie Anderson
Honorable Mention Miniatures
by Luis Juarez
This painting is a traditional watercolor.  I like the looseness, and the fact that the water is allowed to run and make stains. It is a direct, very fresh, spontaneous, and beautiful painting.
“Coronado” by Luis Juarez
Best of Miniatures
“Hiking Trail, Marbella”
by Minnie Valero
This work has an original and dynamic composition. I like the textures.  It feels alive; including the abstraction in the background. You can almost feel the figures moving.
“hiking Trail Marbella” by Minnie Valero
“Pierre’s Choice” (replacing “Best of Theme”)
“Sunrise at Mission Bay”
by Minnie Valero
This painting has wonderful texture. It could be an abstract, with the richness of the reflection and the complexity. The artist has put a lot of space in the foreground, and then uses a textural layer for the smaller main subject that succeeds in bringing it out strongly. It is a challenging composition, and the result  is special.
“Sunrise at Mission Bay” by Minnie Valero
Third Place
“Prairie Sunset”
by Abbyann Sisk
I especially like what she is doing in the sky, the technique and style is original and strong, almost psychedelic. The painting contrasts the complex and abstract sky with a very simple barn. The painting is interesting, in the true sense of the word!
“Prairie Sunset” by Abbyann Sisk
Second Place
“Looking Thru the Trees”
by Keith Warrick
I like this painting for several reasons. I admire the originality of the painting, and its composition. If you blink your eyes, you can imagine going through the trees. This painting takes chances, and I admire and celebrate that.
“Looking Thru the Trees” by Keith Warrick
First Place
“Balboa Park Bikes”
by Luis Juarez
This painting is very fresh and spontaneous. It is  direct, and shows movement – you can really see the bicycles traveling and people walking. It is almost like watching a movie. You can use your imagination, and you can see that much action!
“Balboa Park Bikes” by Luis Juarez

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