Juror Comments April 2022 Member’s Show “I Got Rhythm”

Juror, Ralph Kingery

Juror Commendations

“King of Libraries”
by Sarah Sullivan

This is quite a nice view of the Geisel Library at UCSD. It is almost “El Greco-esque” in its composition and so forth, but it has really great lighting, and definitely deserves a commendation.

“King of Libraries” by Sarah Sullivan

“Hide and Seek”
by Donna Arnaudoff

This has some cute little bunnies in it, what’s not to like? But the other thing I like is the vegetation, as the title says, “hide and seek”. They are playing games in the vegetation, and you can barely see some of them. I really like the composition and the subject.

“Hide and Seek” by Donn a Arnaudoff

“Cabin in the Woods”
by Linda Bienhoff

I didn’t even notice the cabin at first, just the woods and the foreground with its burnt sienna color.  It is nice muted piece. You don’t have to have bright colors all the time because this one stands out in its muted-ness. It’s another great one!

“Cabin in the Woods” by Linda Bienhoff

Honorable Mentions

“Spring Pickings”
by Susan Keith

This is a very nice watery watercolor, watery all over the place! I especially noted the crisp flowers that stand out, the jar and how it’s placed, and the blue shadows. It is one of my favorites.

“Spring Pickings” by Susan Keith

“Trying Tricks”
by Julie Anderson

This is a great one due to the to the composition and the dynamics of the painting. It shows all sorts of creativity with the composition; the artist focused on the person doing tricks, but there is also a sidewalk back there that adds to the composition. It it is all of a piece and is very dynamic.

“Trying Tricks” by Julie Anderson

“Spreading the Light”
by Peggy Weiner

This is a beautiful portrait. The colors, the variation of the colors for each individual area of the painting, the composition, the background – it is all of one piece. It is very attractive, and I love it.

“Spreading the Light” by Peggy Weiner

Honorable Mention, Miniatures
by Pat Crowl

I like the spring motif. There is the egg which is literal, but there are lots of nice curvy things going on, there are lots of other shapes. I like the rhythms, the colors, and the textures. It is a beautiful painting.

“Nesting” by Pat Crowl

Best of Miniatures
“Forest Breeze”
by Elaine Harvey

This could be an abstract, or a real tree forest. I really like the light, the rhythms, and the colors. It is clearly the best.

“Forest Breeze” by Elaine Harvey

“Best of Theme”
by Ann Slater

The theme for the show is “I got Rhythm”, and this painting clearly shows that this singer has rhythm! The rhythm motions are actually circles going off around her head. It’s a really fun painting, and I just love it. It fits the theme very well.

“Sing” by Ann Slater

Third Place
“Point of View”
by Michael Garberick

This painting has all kinds of things going on in it, and you could wander around in it for hours.  It has the sunflower motif of recent vintage, but it also has beautiful waves and clouds, leaves and textures, stars. It is quite compelling. I love this.

“Point of View” by Michael Garberick

Second Place
“Duet in Z Minor”
by Laurie Fuller

I love this painting! It also relates to the theme with the rhythmic nature of the strokes on the zebras’ stripes. The different colors the artist used in the darker stripes and the composition make the painting simply superb.

“Duel in Z Minor” by Lauire Fuller

First Place
by Thomas Franco

This is a classic watercolor. The artist really knows how to handle the paint. It has wonderful things happening all throughout the picture, your eye loves wandering around seeing the different things he’s done with the watercolors. There are different water tones, different sky tones, different shadows, and he’s got diagonals for action. This is clearly the best of show.

“OMG!” by Thomas Franco

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