August 2022 Members Show “Gray Matters” Juror Comments

Juror: Drew Bandish

Juror Commendations

“Pismo Adirondacks” by Mark Smith

I really appreciate the unique decisions that this artist makes, the wobbles that he puts into it are personal; I know this from seeing this artist’s work over the years. It is very unusual in subject matter. With the chairs and the point of view that we get, from the chairs seen from below, it really matches the vertical format. It is well balanced with color, and it has some spice to it. Very well done!
Pismo Adirondacks by Mark Smith

“Alcazar Gardens Night” by Scott Trimlett

This feels so formal and classical, and it is very richly attended to, with every edge and every texture.  I like the drama of the darks. This is a standout in a show of watercolor.
Alcazar Gardens Night by Scott Trimlett

“Slow Days Passing” by Jean Silva

This has some abstraction, with the color being muted, and rather opaque. It reminds me of some pastels I may have done, and I appreciated the colors on this, with such varieties of color.  It feels as though it was drawn, not painted.
Slow Days Passing by Jean Silva

Honorable Mentions

“Market at Our Lady” by Geoffrey Allen

A wonderful street scene, with atmosphere and figures. There is no fear of doing cars and other vehicles, as well as figures and architecture. It is masterfully done, and I appreciate seeing a light side. It looks and feels quite San Diego, but could be anywhere in the world . Well done!
Market at Our Lady by Geoffrey Allen

“Paths from the Heart” by Abbyann Sisk

The slippery Yupo paper seems to be the technical choice here. I appreciated the dark shapes first, the little forms and stems, then the  cosmic interior. There is a lot color variety, and it holds up well.
Paths from the Heart by Abbyann Sisk

“Reflecting the Blues” by Susan Keith

I was attracted to the shapes on this one first, the high contrast from the light background to the solid shapes of the object. I like the unusual aerial perspective,  with the objects seen from above instead of from the atmospheric perspective. It is wonderfully presented within the vertical format.
Reflecting the Blues by Susan Keith

Honorable Mention Miniatures

“Serene Riverside Walk” by Christine Chyou

The mood of this one attracted me very much, the quietness, and the reflective quality of the water. It is very quiet; very pure.
Serene Riverside Walk by Christine Chyou

Best of Miniatures

“Tree Line” by Carol Mansfield

I’m fascinated by a landscape that’s very unusual. The presentation is square, but the surface colors and texture techniques are attractive up close. That is perfect for a mini. You want to look closer, and you are still fascinated.
Tree Line by Carol Mansfield

Best of Theme

“Steps to the Museum” by Edward Abrams

There is a wonderful subtlety in the various shadow passages from cool to warm. It is grayish overall, and includes challenging architecture that is very well presented.
Steps to the Museum by Edward Abrams

Third Place

“Taking a Short Cut” by Thomas Franco

I was very attracted to the feeling of the swell motion, the lifting of the line that emphasizes that feel, that shows the heaving of the ocean. I like his handling of active, yet incidental figures in a view not at all ‘normal’ in an art show. The color palette is very muted. So effective!
Taking a Short Cut by Thomas Franco

Second Place

“Safe Harbor” by Richard Glassman

It’s a wonderful version of the portrait, with a unique color sense. I am familiar with this particular artist’s work and it is definitely in his style. It has attitude, including gray matters, too, as in ‘old and gray and still in the way’! There are some wonderful thin drips in the windbreaker, and I appreciate some of the opaque areas as well. It is very united and balanced,  and I like it very much.
Safe Harbor by Richard Glassman

First Place

“Beach Bonfire” by Nicole Barlow

I was attracted to the glow and the variety of colors, and my eye kept returning to that aurora-like sky. The scene is so San Diego! I feel that I almost know this location. It’s very peaceful. I liked its mood,  color and casual impressionist presentation: friends, on the sand in afterglow, beside the sailboats. The colors hold both close up and at eight steps back. I feel you could live with that.
Beach Bonfire by Nicole Barlow

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