Juror Comments September 2022 Members Show

Juror: Edward Abrams

Juror Commendations

“ Twilight Over the Wetlands” by Susan Weinberg-Harter

I did like the composition, and the way the paint is handled. I like the flocks of birds. It’s comfortable, it’s nice, it’s very pretty.

Twilight Over the Wetlands by Susan Weinberg-Harter

“Bonita Cove Morning” by Sarah Sullivan

There is nothing to do with surf, although it looks like a surf scene.  The design got me right off, the colors are strong, there is a lot of fun in it. I like the haziness of it. It’s colorful, it’s pretty.

Bonita Cover Morning by Sarah Sullivan

“Moody Blues” by Susan Keith

It’s extraordinary. I do love the way the watercolors are used here, it’s amazing. It’s very pretty. I always like the way shadows are handled. The shadows become magic in this, they are so strong. This kind of feels like that – it’s strong, yet it’s delicate.

Moody Blues by Susan Keith

Honorable Mentions

“Happy Hour” by Julie Anderson

The design and the black and white, I appreciate it. It has an abstract feel, but it’s not really an abstract, I just like the design of it.

Happy Hour by Julie Anderson

“A Basket Full of Lemons” by Carolina Dealy

I saw this first thing when I walked into the gallery, and I liked it. It’s well painted, it is designed nicely, it’s a comfortable painting. I noted the use of colors; of course, you have lemons so what are you going to do. It is a pretty painting.

A Basket Full of Lemons by Caroline Dealy

“Paris” by Luis Juarez

It is really fast and fun and to the point, you get the message. You can more or less see and feel the activity in it, which I think is what he is trying to do. It is a strong painting.

Paris by Luis Juarez

Honorable Mention, Miniatures

“The Hug” by Laurie Mitchell

The first thing that catches your eye is that it is largely black and white, although it is a watercolor. There is an unusual use of the space. It’s a really happy painting.

The Hug by Laurie Mitchell

Best of Miniatures

“Check it Out, Study” by Julie Anderson

The relationship between the two figures is striking, and the technique is extraordinary. It’s just beautiful, so well done. The design sense of the picture looks well put together. It’s excellent.

Check it Out by Julie Anderson

Best of Theme

“Happy Days” by Ann Slater

This is a happy dog, he looks like he wants that soup. The colors and the way the artist handled them, the composition and the design, in the way the lines go together, it works really well. You want the dog to talk; the attention off the frame.

Happy Days by Ann Slater

Third Place

“Harbor Sunrise” by Rebecca McCullough

It has in a way an abstract feel to me, a distinct placement in time and space. You could be somewhere in it. It’s one of those paintings you have to look at for awhile before you can really say what you see.  It’s very nice.

Harbor Sunrise by Rebecca McCullough

Second Place

“Lemon Zest” by Chuck McPherson

It’s beautiful, I love the color, the graphic sense is important and nicely handled. And his style of painting shows that he knows what he’s doing, the strength shows through, it comes out strong, it’s like what he intended. Really, it’s just a pretty painting.

Lemon Zest by Chuck McPherson

First Place

“On Deck 8” by Richard Glassman

What I liked about it starts with that there is a nice atmosphere, it has the space, somehow the colors add a lot of meaning to it too – I loved the colors. I also connected to the qualities of the person in it.

On Deck 8 by Richard Glassman

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