Juror Comments March 2023 Members Show “Decisive Moments”

Richard Glassman, Juror

Juror Commendations

“Distant Star” by Jodell Abrams

A very interesting image recalling the 20s and 30s done in an art deco style.

Distant Star by Jodell Abrams
“Sunset Cliffs Plein Air” by Chuck McPherson

A very competently executed watercolor with a surreally placed easel on the beach.

Sunset Cliffs Plein Air by Chuck McPherson
“Oy Vey!” by Thomas Franco

Only the artist knows the significance of the Yiddish title, but this lovely, tranquil painting is quite evocative. I was especially drawn to the ghostly trees in the background.

Oy Vey! by Thomas Franco

Honorable Mentions

“Feeling Wonderful” by Ann Morey

A very competent use of the watercolor medium. The flowers are a very seductive variation on pink.

Feeling Wonderful by Ann Morey
“Let’s Play” by Caroline Dubuque

An apt title for this Paul Klee-like painting. I loved the use of the red and the creation of a whimsical mood.

Let’s Play by Caroline Dubuque
“A Cloud Break in the Andes” by Carolina Dealy

A wonderfully intimate painting: illustrative but still an arresting composition.

A Cloud Break in the Andes by Carolina Dealy
“Oranges and Oranges” by Ann Miller

A well-controlled piece with an intriguing color statement. A good example of what watercolor does best.

Oranges and Oranges by Ann Miller

Best of Miniatures

“Safe Haven” by Cynthia Roach

Spontaneity and an awareness of the medium makes this abstraction an exciting visual experience.

Safe Haven by Cynthia Roach

Best of Theme

“Surrender the Daylight” by Pal Crowl

A wonderful painting, spontaneous, with the feeling of a much larger piece. A definite a priori interpretation of The Decisive Moment.

Surrender the Daylight by Pat Crowl

Third Place

“Big Sur” by Edward Abrams

Tighter in treatment than I usually am attracted to, this painting is well-conceived and observed. The drawing deserves special praise and is enhanced by the almost monochromatic color scheme.

Big Sur by Edward Abrams

Second Place

“Realm of Awareness” by Wanda Honeycutt

An intriguing, abstracted landscape with real painterly values. I especially was attracted to the use of black.

Realm of Awareness by Wanda Honeycutt

First Place

“Fire in Eden” by Kathleen Scoggin

I was drawn to this piece because of its focus on the act of painting rather than a devotion to subject matter. The color palette exhibits a real inventiveness.

Fire in Eden by Kathleen Scoggin

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