Juror Comments February Members Show “Rendezvous with Paint”

Nancy Oleksa, Juror

Juror Commendations

“Night Watch” by Roberta Dyer

An emotional response in “Night Watch” was created through the use of a restrained color palette and decisive brush strokes. The neutral red accents that break up the even horizontal space division, and the small white shapes that direct the viewers eye through the composition create an atmosphere of intrigue that keeps the viewer engaged.

Night Watch by Roberta Dyer
“A Few Cool Things” by Carol Dubuque

This painting is a wonderful example of alternation in color, shape and tone. Its whimsy makes it a joy to observe.

A Few Cool Things by Carol Dubuque
“Unraveling” by Nell Bartlett

This painting is a wonderful example of both unity and contrast. The contrasts of shape, line, tone, and texture work together with color harmony to create a visually exciting water media painting.

Unraveling by Nell Bartlett

Honorable Mentions

“Night Lights” by Kathleen Scoggin

The syncopation of strokes, textures, shape, color, and alternation create movement in this painting that is akin to a visual dance. It seems both exciting and alive!

Night Lights by Kathleen Scoggin
“Paris Bike Race” by Luis Juarez

The exciting use of line, expressive brush strokes, soft edges, and limited palette used in this painting work together to create a sense of atmosphere, which is the essence of a good plein air painting.

Paris Bike Race by Luis Juarez
“Bad Hare Day” by Chuck McPherson

The professional application of paint and use of negative space in this painting are amazing. It’s a fun piece that will make the young and old that view it, smile.

Bad Hare Day by Chuck McPherson

Honorable Mention, Miniatures

“Hidden Messages” by Nancy Jo Klaphaak

The creative use of negative and positive shapes in this painting is mesmerizing. One can get lost in the kaleidoscope of colorful shapes created by the black curvilinear form while searching for the hidden messages throughout.

Hidden Mesasges by Nancy Jo Klaphaak

Best of Miniatures

“Best Friends” by Angela Westengard

I was attracted to this painting because of its strong design and unusual choice of color. The faceted sharp edged areas contrasted against shapes of transparent, flat, colorful washes help to create a feeling of youth and contentment. 

Best Friends by Angela Westengard

Best of Theme

“Neptune’s Fountain” by Susan Hewitt

This painting is a celebration of the medium of watercolor. The components of the painting, its space division, use of texture, and choice of palette, have come together to evoke a sense of majesty.

Neptune’s Fountain by Susan Hewill

Third Place

“Heavenly Fruit” by Nancy Phillips

This painting is a beautiful example of the traditional use of watercolor. It demonstrates an understanding of a variety of watercolor techniques: the application of a juicy wet into wet wash, an exciting use of dry brush, texture, color, and transparency.

Heavenly Fruit by Nancy Phillips

Second Place

“One is Adopted” by Helen Hayes

This painting is fascinating because of the wonderful use of negative space and the cantilever placement of the figures. These elements, considered with its title and use of a limited color palette, leave us curious as their significance. It is a tour de force in subtlety and mystique.

One is Adopted by Helen Hayes

First Place

“Ice Cold” by Jean Silva

In this painting, each shape is carefully contrasted and considered yet they work together to prove the artist has an expert understanding of the use of the principles of design and its elements.

Ice Cold by Jean Silva

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