Welcome New Member Susan Knapp

Welcome to Susan Knapp, one of our newest members! Susan is originally from Pensacola Beach, Florida but she has lived in Carlsbad for the past 28 years. The only art training Susan had was taking a series of classes at Mira Costa College four months ago with Barbara Roth. She likes to paint a little bit of everything, with a slight preference for landscapes. Susan describes her painting style as a cross between photorealism and impressionism, often working from photographs of places she’s been. She also enjoys getting a little whimsical when painting pets. 

Susan mainly works in watercolor with sometimes a little mixed media thrown in. She explores techniques of both wet on dry using small strokes to make a larger picture, and wet in wet as well.

Susan was inspired by the widespread things that SDWS has to offer and likes the many options we have to learn and grow as an artist. She notes with a smile that it would be surprising to almost anyone, including herself, that she can paint, since she had never picked up a paintbrush before her class four months ago. Now she can’t put one down!

“Jurassic Rooster” by Susan Knapp

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