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Hermon Tesfal was born and grew up in the outskirts of Asmara city, Eritrea, where he still lives. His childhood exposure to green areas, wide farmlands, and animal farms implanted in him the desire to recreate such magnificent views of nature in the form of visual art. When he was still young, he had the opportunity to practice painting with his uncle, who was already an artist. Impressed by nature and inspired by his uncle, he began painting with watercolor. Painting as a passion had just begun and his desire to acquire distinguished knowledge and technical skill of painting with watercolor has also grown. His developing talent started from childhood, and he was singled out by his teachers who encouraged him to continue working with watercolor. To support and strengthen his passion, Due to the absence of regular art schools in his country, he could only attend short art courses or workshops conducted occasionally and has taken a number of such formal courses. He continued taking art and art related courses from 2004 to 2022, and this training helped him to enhance his knowledge and skill in painting by applying specific principles and techniques to his experiences. Hermon has been featured in a number of solo and group art exhibitions starting from 2006 to 2023 sponsored by different organizations including the US Embassy in Asmara, the British Council, and the Alliance française d’Asmara, Casa degli Italiani, Peace Building and other galleries.

Currently, Hermon believes he has wide experience in professional painting, and is in a stage of selecting a major area of painting. His favorite subjects are landscape, cityscape and genre painting and he works in oils and acrylics as well as in watercolor. He particularly enjoys capturing the beauty and diversity of nature with more emphasis on atmospheric landscape expression. Environmental colors catch his eye, and he is and taken by a certain composition or setting that has unique light effects, shades, and calmness. Although this is challenging, he persists in his work in order to share and transmit his artistic vision through exhibiting in art societies.

Hermon joined the San Diego Watercolor Society in order to acquire a wider practical and professional exposure to experienced artists. He visited the website for more information and found that the strength of the artists and the diversity of the exhibited work would suit him perfectly and offer him a stimulating practical artistic environment.

“Morning Time” by Hermon Tesfal

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