Welcome New Member Suzanne Nicolaisen

Suzanne (also known as Zanniki) is one of the newest members of the San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS). She was born in South Africa, lived in Switzerland for 22 years and is now residing in Escondido. She has been a self-taught artist since 1990, learning by experience and from taking a number of workshops over the years from renowned art instructors. Her favorite subject matter is people. She also creates from within, finding that there is always a story to be told. Suzanne’s husband is a writer who uses a pen to tell his stories. She uses a paintbrush to tell hers. Suzanne’s work is wide-ranging, She uses any and all mediums, enjoying experimenting with different combinations. Suzanne says that there are a number of artists she admires who are members of SDWS and after she was invited to be the juror for the SDWS February 2024 Members Show, she decided to become a member herself. She finds the ambiance, member relationships and camaraderie at the SDWS to be commendable.

Besides painting, Suzanne is a committee member of the Esco Alley Art mural group, Ambassador of the Escondido Art Association, and committee member of the MAGEC group. She received the Escondido City Champion award in 2021 for contributing to painting the concrete barriers during Covid. She is in the process of writing a book to explain how her city kept the Escondido Community and her neighborhoods from falling into a depression during the epidemic. Escondido received the 2021 Helen Putnam award of Excellence.

Find her work at  http://www.zanniki.net/

“Lost in Thought” by Suzanne Nicolaisen

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