Jurors Comments:

Submitting your art for judging can be a joyful and horrible experience. Wondering whether your painting will be accepted, awarded, recognized or rejected can be difficult for many artists. When the results are in, understanding what the juror was thinking, perhaps gain some insight into what reaction your painting had or what other paintings caught the juror's eye may or may not be helpful. In the end juroring each show is a subjective moment between the juror and all of the entries they must select from. A different day or even a slightly different selection may change the results. To help SDWS members understand more about the jury process, SDWS has begun to ask jurors for comments to make available to our members.  Please remember these are informal comments provided for insight and context for the show being judged. They should be considered just another data point the same way that artists demonstrating make comments on their process or methods.


Show Name Juror Comments
2019 February - Loving the Land Stan Goudey Link
2019 January - Illuminating Rythms  Thomas Schaller Link
2018 December - Magnetic Content Joan McKasson Link
2018 November - Formidably Fresh Carol Thomason Link
2018 October - 38th ISHOW John Salminen Link
2018 September - Out of the Box Daniel Foster Link
2018 August - Symbolic Suggestions Stan Kurth Link
2018 July - Robust Illusions Drew Bandish Link
2018 June - Bluesy Mash-Up Robin Erickson Link
2018 May - Liquid Opportunities Ruth Ellen Hoag Link
2018 April - Offbeat Nuances Judy Schroeder Link
2018 March - Universal Notes Stephanie Goldman Link
2018 February - Relentless Values Robin St. Louis Link
2018 January -The State of the Art Sean Barrett Link

If you have questions about these comments, please do not contact the Juror. Send any questions or comments to membershows@sdws.org.