February Volunteer of the Month: Sandie Seckington

Sandie Seckington is February’s Volunteer of the Month. She is a dedicated, long term volunteer, always willing to go the extra mile and making sure everything is completed correctly. Sandie has always been a consistent and friendly staffer, sitting the front desk nearly every month since 2013. In addition, she was the Gallery Manager for two years. Described as reliable and a delight to work with, Sandie has had many roles at SDWS. For the past three years, she has partnered with Joanne Newman coordinating and distributing I Show merchandise awards. Sandie has used her writing skills to help the I Show team to update timelines, drafting, and entry regulations. She has been a member of the 2020/2021Strategic Plan Task Force and often volunteers to serve on other Task Forces. 

Sandie can be counted on to do an outstanding job on whatever she commits to and does so with a smile. She is a great organizer, which is what every “organization” needs to thrive. We are lucky to have her and her VOM Award is well deserved.  

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