Juror Comments Triennial Show February 2022

Juror Antonio Masi

General Comments:

All in all, the show was very nice. There was a range of quality from beginning to end, but everyone appeared to enjoy the medium and I hope you all continue to enjoy watercolor because it is a beautiful and wonderful medium.

First Place

Geoffrey Allen, Nine to Go

This is a wonderful composition, with strong contrasts of shapes and values. What a good sense of sunlight all over. The brushstrokes are strong, sure, and there’s no hesitation in them. The medium is very well handled – great control of it.
Nine to Go by Geoffrey Allen

Second Place

Theresa Kubert, Above and Beyond

Here is a human story that one relates to – a grandfather appears with his grandson on his shoulders, and you can almost feel the pride and the joy in the man’s face. There’s a wonderful relationship of drawing between the man and the child. You sense the wonderful proportion and the age difference. Very well done. Technically well handled.
Above and Beyond by Theresa Kubert

Third Place

Cristine Weatherby, 17 High Tide

What a wonderful feeling of the ocean’s sweep. Technically, it’s well done – the person knows her medium and has good control over it. The colors are clean and you feel the ocean movement. Very well done.
17 High Tide by Cristine Weatherby

Honorable Mentions

Edward Abrams, Vern and Thelma

What a serene, calm and peaceful feeling you get by looking at this picture. All the items are well organized, well put together. Good control of the medium. The colors are clean. They’re related; there’s no disharmony. Very nicely done.
Vern and Thelma by Edward Abrams

Penny Fedorchak, Snowbound

This is truly a little gem – clean, bold, and wonderful. There’s a minimum of shapes and beautiful shapes, done with a minimum of brush strokes. Beautifully handled and the colors harmonize so beautifully.
Snowbound, by Penny Fedorchak

Ingrid Lefevre, Rey Cuban Singer Musician

It’s as though this man is tipping his hat to you and saying, “good morning.” He has a wonderful smile, and that’s a hard thing to paint and draw. The sunshine is beautifully portrayed in the morning hours. Clean colors, well handled – a little jewel, really.
ey Cuban Singer Musician by Ingrid Lefevre

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