San Diego Watercolor Society Artists at the Del Mar Fair

I had a wonderful time exploring the Fine Arts Exhibit at the Del Mar Fair this week! There were a number of artists from the San Diego Watercolor Society with work exhibited, and more than a few awards. I show here at least some of the exhibited artists and their work.

NOTE: I am certain that there are SDWS artists whose work I did not photograph, and this is due either to an oversight or because I just do not know you! You are invited to submit photographs of your exhibited work to me at and I will be glad to include them in t his blog post!

Below are the artists and their work, in alphabetical order.

Joan Captain: 2 paintings, 1 award
Cheryl Dicus: 1 painting
Elaine Harvey: 2 paintings
Wanda Honeycutt: 3 paintings, 1 award
Luis Juarez: 2 paintings, 1 award
Susan Keith: 3 paintings, 2 awards
Carol Mansfield: 4 paintings, 2 awards
Roz Oserin: 2 paintings, 1 award
Cynthia Roach: 2 paintings, 3 awards
Carla Scheidlinger: 1 painting
Mark Smith: 3 paintings, 2 awards
Vita Sorrentino: 2 paintings, 1 award
Minnie Valero: 3 paintings, 1 award
Stephanie van der Wetering: 2 paintings
Gay Weston: 3 paintings, 1 award
Jamie Wright: 3 paintings, 1 award

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