November 2022 Members Show “Lines of Communication”

Juror: Carol Thomason

Juror Commendations

“Lucy in the Sky” by Mark Smith

This is just a gorgeous example of the artist’s superior work, a good job in every way. The tilting quality of the landscape is humorous and fun. Everything is painted so beautifully; the watercolor is handled just gorgeously as applied to the paper. Everything is perfect for the composition, with the building and the trees. I appreciate the whitest whites, and then the immediate transition to tree trunks and to the beautiful green leaves, the building and the greens behind it. Excellent watercolor painting quality!
Lucy in the Sky by Mark Smith

“Playground Girl” by Stephanie Van de Wetering

A gorgeous watercolor portrait of a young girl. Everything about this painting is very nicely done, the composition is just right, with the girl off to the side, and the playground complementing her in the background. She is done in warm colors and the playground is in cool colors. The whole painting is very nicely done.
Playground Girl by Stephanie Van de Wetering

“Exuberance” by Sharon Feingold

It looks exuberant yet controlled. I love the exuberant yellow lines, the black background providing contrast. I really appreciate the various pattern pieces, the panel of colors and shapes. It is a fabulous piece of art.
Exuberance by Sharon Feingold

Honorable Mentions

“From the Past” by Kathleen Scoggin

This is a gorgeous non-objective painting on a canvas. This painting has everything just right. The value pattern is just perfect, with the light area and the darker outside edges in wonderful contrast. I really like the line work, and all the little driplines, including the white drip spots. Very good work!
From the Past by Kathleen Scoggin

“Walk On-Foot Fetish #3” by Michelle Clark-Cadwell

I just love this painting in every way. It combines what looks to me to be a non-objective composition with a human foot. It’s rather comical in its relation to the person. I love that black triangular corner at the top right, it brings your eye right down to the black sandal. I like the fact that there is an underpainting, with all the drips. Fabulous.
Walk On-Foot Fetish #3 by Michelle Clark-Cadwell

“Dancing in the Air” by Shinja Scheidnes

This is a very unique one-of-a-kind composition, very nicely done. It has all the just-right array of colors, going towards the dark green rectangle in the background. I like everything. It is very clean and has some very light coloring around the edges that are very effective.
Dancing in the Air by Shinja Scheidnes

Honorable Mention, Miniatures

“Waiting for the Call” by Joanne Newman

This one is done in acrylic and mixed media, I like to encourage that very much. It is on a board which is very nice. Everything is just gorgeous. The frame is perfect with this painting. I like the texture all over the whole composition that unites this painting. I love the red color that is all over, the spots of red, the figure with red in hair in the central point. The most contrast in color is with the figure with the black telephone. This piece is just exquisite. I love the collage, the pasted elements, and the scratching and stamping that add to it.
Waiting for the Call by Joanne Newman

Best of Miniatures

“Love Triangle, Study” by Julie Anderson

The texture behind the painting creates an overall feeling that I like very much. I like the grouping of the 3 people, and it’s a great title. It is very strong compositionally, the value pattern is perfect, with the lightest light drawing attention to the sunglasses and the child. It has beautiful, muted colors.
Love Triangle, Study by Julie Anderson

Best of Theme

“Quan Yin” by Wanda Honeycutt

The theme for the show is “Lines of Communication” which usually communicates about technology. But this painting speaks to me about a different type of a communication, which is spiritual. I like the green and blue and dark background, and I very much like the yellow-orange orb behind the figure. The entire painting is very beautifully and well done.
Quan Yin by Wanda Honeycutt

Third Place

“Standing By” by Susan Hewitt

I really like this painting. It is a friendly horse, very nice and inviting. The composition is perfect, and the darks and lights are just right. I love the very dark around the outside edge of the horse’s face, and all the edges which are very well handled.
Standing By by Susan Hewill

Second Place

“Hotwire” by Nell Bartlett

Good job! I very much like this composition, with the colors which are just right, with the greens and blues, the red accenting in the center and edges. I appreciate the line quality as well.
Hotwire by Nell Bartlett

First Place

“Benign and Gracious Solitude” by Roberta Dyer

I like the very strong composition, the black on the top with the white figure and the lower green background is very nice. The line drawings are gorgeous. I really like the drips that appear overall in the painting.
Benign and Gracious Solitude by Roberta Dyer

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