Juror Comments: The Language of Art

The juror for the April 2019 Member Show, Kathleen Scoggin, was gracious to provide her comments for some of our accepted entries. Please read on!

Kathleen Scoggin is a contemporary abstract artist working in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media. Her work is inspired by nature and expresses organic subjects.


San Diego Watercolor Society, Artist Council Exhibition – Palm Springs Art Museum, Watercolor Society of Oregon Fall Transparency Show, Pacific Northwest Plein Air Show, Oregon Society of Artists Rose Festival Art Show. Lake Oswego Visions Invitational, Lake Oswego, Oregon.


  • Multiple awards – San Diego Watercolor Society
  • Multiple Best in Shows – Coachella Valley Watercolor Society  
  • Best in Show & Judges Award of Excellence – Riverside County Date Festival            
  • Best in Show – Coachella Valley Watercolor Society Plein Air Show
  • Painter of the Year, Coachella Valley Watercolor Society


  • Coursework in Fine Arts, Design and Art History – Portland State University & Oregon State University
  • Numerous workshops from nationally recognized Artists. 
  • B.S. in Dietetics and Institutional Management


First Place, Sharon Sheehan, Blossom

I was attracted to this painting when I first saw it – it’s a very appealing painting. There’s balance in its asymmetry, and a lovely complementary color palette. There’s good line work, wet into wet blending, and soft and hard edges. 

Second Place, Marion Mettler, Poised

I like that it’s different – it’s loose and juicy with texture from the collage. It’s not all clearly defined. There’s lost and found edges and has some mystery about it. I don’t want the artist to tell me every last detail about the work. I like that there’s just a little bit of color.

Third Place, Carol Thomason, Lines of Communication 276, APPLE.COM

A powerful painting. Gorgeous complementary colors with great neutrals. There’s a wonderful division of space. The major shapes are all connected, and the colors are repeated in an important way. It’s a beautiful design.

Best of Theme, Thomas Franco, Waiting for the Breeze

I’m choosing this painting as the Best of Theme, “The Language of Art,” because it’s a classic watercolor painting that clearly tells a story of the people and their boats. It has a beautiful composition with a nice division of space. The shapes are linked and overlapping to further tell the relationship of the subjects. It has a beautiful complimentary color palette. This painting demonstrates how good composition can tell a story very well along with an appealing subject matter. 


Best of Miniatures, Susan Keith, Sunny Days are Here Again

This painting stood out – it has a strong composition and demonstrates a great facility with the watercolor medium. It uses a beautiful limited palette which holds the painting together. The placement of the shape on the page is gorgeous. It gives the viewer a feeling about who this person is. The values are great, with the lightest light right up against the darkest dark. The shapes point right to the person’s face. It’s a beautiful painting. 

Honorable Mention Miniatures, Lorri Lynch, Counting Sheep VI

I want to be on this hill standing among those sheep! I love that there’s not a ton of detail in this painting, but the shapes are connected together in an interesting way. The sheep in the foreground gives an asymmetrical balance to the painting. The color palette also helps pull the painting together. I love the sloping lines of the landscape. It’s a very happy painting.

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