Juror Comments and Awards July 2021 Members Show “Complementary Conversations”

Dean Mitchell, Juror

Juror Commendations:

Botanical Busyness by Alice Kayuha
Enter the Gates of Peace by
Gabriel Stockton
Navy Wake by Drew Bandish
Up Against the Cold by Susan Keith

Honorable Mentions:

Door at San Juan Capistrano
Astrid Edel Walter
Finding Light by Betty Hock
One Fine Day by Nannette Farina
Tracking Sharks by Melodie Tune
Lines of Communication 292, PETCO.COM (Endangered Monarchs
by Carol Thomason
Workday by Cynthia Roach

Best of Miniatures

This painting was so fresh and direct . It has a very unsuspecting lyrical quality that stayed with me.

Splish Splash by Angela Westengard

Best of Theme

What a Day for a Daydream by
Barbara Raub

Third Place

Rainforest by Carol Mansfield

Second Place:

The painting is interesting in composition, texture and human relationships. The unusual view point creates interesting shapes around the figures that reinforces the powerful observation of intimacy.

Love Triangle by Julie Anderson

First Place

The artist has captured a personality with force, attitude, body language and excellent handling of the medium. The use of warm and cool colors enhances the experience.

Aspects of Aging (The Miasma) by
Richard Glassman

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