Susan Weinberg-Harter Wins Best of Miniatures Award in February 2022 Members Show

Susan Weinberg-Harter, an artist and resident of University Heights, San Diego, California, has won the Best of Miniatures award in the continuingly competitive February 2022 San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS) Member’s exhibition “Simple Pleasures”, an in-gallery show of the SDWS at 2825 Dewey Road in Liberty Station, San Diego, CA. Weinberg-Harter’s painting entitled “Beach Rest” was selected by prominent local artist and juror Thomas Franco for this honor, out of over 200 entries. Franco said of  the painting, “This painting obviously shows a very competent use of watercolor. It is clean, and the figures at the edge of the water are beautiful.”

Susan Weinberg-Harter grew up in London, England and came to San Diego in 1972. She has a BA in English Literature, and during her working years was an administrative assistant. After studying and practicing calligraphy extensively, often receiving commissions for her work, she began incorporating watercolor illustrations in her designs. After retirement from her day job in 2002 she studied and practiced watercolor painting more seriously, attending classes and workshops. She joined the San Diego Watercolor Society in 2009. She has been showing her works in galleries around San Diego and has won several awards.” Find her work at

The SDWS Gallery Exhibit will run through Sunday February 27, 2022 at the SDWS gallery at 2528 Dewey Road in Liberty Station. Paintings can be viewed and purchased from the gallery as well as on the SDWS website at

Beach Rest by Susan Weinberg-Harter

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